Check out my tats!

One of our readers, Max B. sent me an email about some arm warmers he saw on Ebay. I ended up buying some, they’re about $10 with shipping and stuff. I went this this tatoo look. Kinda cool looking.

First Impressions: Skirtsports

I mentioned earlier that Skirtsports sent me home with a skirt and jersey to review. I got the chance to break out the outfit on wednesday night with the girls. I got nothing but compliments from the girls on this outfit. Here are a couple of informal pictures:

Below is the Pink Crush Sleeveless Jersey and the Compression Fit BikeGirl Skirt.

Here’s a closer look:

Check out the reflective material on the zipper!

Initially nobody can deny that this is some cute stuff! Loved the colors, loved the materials and the detail put into these pieces. The fit is very flattering for all body types. I have to say I was really excited to ride in this set. The skirt and top were incredibly comfortable amd soft on the skin. The skirt also includes a mesh short with a pink chamois – nice touch!

You’ll have to check in later for my formal review. I don’t want to give away too much too soon but it will be good. I know my main concern was where does the skirt go when I am riding? Will it fly up? Will it get caught on my seat? And as cute as these clothes are, can they really hold up on the trails? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for the formal review in a few weeks as I put these babies to the test! 😀 Here I come dirt!!!!!

It’s Ladies Night….

Cmon it’s ladies night and the feelings right .. (c’mon sing it with me!! haha)
I love night riding. It’s such an exhilirating feeling. The cool night air, the dark sky, the rush you get while passing quickly through the brush. I love it all. There’s just a different feeling about a night ride.

Wednesday night I was able to head out with a couple of gals from a local womens biking group, the Trail Angels. I love riding with the guys too, but it really is a different vibe when it’s just us ladies. Can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just a lot of fun. We giggle a lot more..and we have more courage when we’re out with each other. We spur each other on, and cheer for each other when we’ve conquered a new feat.

Patricia, Christine and Me.

I definitely encourage you ladies to search for other women who enjoy the sport as much as you do. I have often heard that it’s hard to find other women who ride – tis true. But we are out there, I promise! I was able to find this group of ladies through yahoo groups. Of course we need to be wise about it too. I had heard of this group also through mutual friends so I felt great about meeting up with them. We always have such a good time when we head out.

In fact, if it weren’t for them taking the time to teach me a few things and to give me the courage when I needed it, I may not be able to do half the things I do. 🙂 We all need riding buddies like that. So check out your local bike shop, ask the guys if their wives will head out with you some time, check your local gym. Just get out there and ride!!!! 🙂

Diversity, the MtnBikeRiders Way

If you were to ask anyone their definition of Diversity, you’ll get responses that talk about diversity in ways that touches ethnicity, financial, skills, personality and etc.

As we walked around Interbike last week, I started to see the diversity in our group of bloggers. Well for one, Moe and I run the show with the help of some of the worlds bestest mountain biking bloggers in the face of the universe that walked this whole planet…did that make sense?

Anyhow, you take Moe and I for example. Moe, a programmer by trade, he’s basically the guy that is in charge of all of the sites. He does all the coding, tweaks and basically he’s the brains of the operation. In reality if it wasn’t for his noggin, the sites would be pretty mediocre…no pizazz, attitude and flair that Moe adds.

Then there’s me. Though you may not think so, but I am the beauty of the sites. I’m the fella that does most of the talking between the two of us. Yes my degree is in IT and I have several years working with networks, servers and all that stuff, but I don’t know jack about programming. Basically if I think something would look cool on the site, I ask Moe if he can do it. Usually his response is…”I don’t know how to do it, but I’ll figure it out.”

Because of the diversity in our skills, personalities, and riding abilities, Moe and I work really well together and that right there is pretty contagious through out the rest of the staff. Priscilla is our women’s advocate and has the ladies always in mind. In fact she’s so into the women on bikes thing that we’re going to be launching something special just for our female readers which will be lead by Priscilla. Oh and she’s gotta be one of the better riders out of the whole crew.

We have Jeremy who is our first recruit, his job was to focus on the 29er side of mountain biking and the fella has delivered and keeps bring more new things to the table. Great rider, awesome photographer and has to be one of the tallest Mexicans I know.

Lance is our newest team member. We like him because of his tattoos. But he’s also a great rider. His Tuesday Brewsday is always fun to read about and I’m learning quite a bit from the fella. We’re actually banking on Lance to place at the race next month. We’re probably going to sponsor the guy to next year to race in a few events.

I can’t forget about Randy, if you haven’t figured it out, he’s my brother. Yeah Randy has to be one of the toughest guys I know. Mr. Freefall is based out of Yuma, Az. The guy jumps out of airplanes all the time and its one of those where they have to wear oxygen masks just so they don’t pass out. Oh yeah, he’s got a pretty impressive bar at his place and I’m sure when he retires from the Army, he can easily become a bar tender.

So there you have it, Diversity via MtnBikeRiders. With the colorful background of our lives, personality, riding ability and knowledge we can easily bring you a very interesting website to check out everyday. What makes us stand out from the rest of the other sites out there is the fact that its not just one guy jibber jabbing about what he thinks, but its a collective effort to bring our readers something more than what their used to.

Sure there are other sites out there that may have pro-racers, better riders, heck some may even know more than we do. But I can tell you this about us, we LOVE what we do and check this out, we do this for fun. None of us are paid to do this. We all have full time jobs, families, kids, dogs and responsibilities like the rest of you.

A skirt on the dirt?!?!?

Yep! That’s right! My two favorites are coming together…skirts and mountain biking!! I got a chance to meet up with the girls from SkirtSports at Interbike. Super nice gals over at their booth, and I loved, loved, loved their skirt line for biking! This company was started by super athlete Nicole Deboom in 2005 and has been boomin ever since – pun intended. haha.
Here’s a few that caught my eye:

Sleeveless Jersey:

I know, my photos do this line no justice. I needed Khoa photographer extraordinaire, lol.
So go check out their skirts! This industry needs to know there is a market for womens specific wear! And keep an eye out for my review of their skirt and sleeveless jersey. The gals hooked me up with a set and I can’t wait to hit the trails lookin all cute and stuff!! ;D

Interbike 2007: I’m still worn out!

Interbike ended last Friday, today is Monday night and I’m still feeling the effects of walking the miles and miles of biking heaven that is known as the greatest bicycle trade show in North America.

My heels hurt, my knees, surprisingly feels good oh I can’t forget how my shoulders were burning the whole 3 days.

Well enough complaining and let’s get down to the nitty gritty. For those of you that haven’t been to Interbike, let me tell you a few things that may or may not convince you that there are other events out there that are better or worse.

For one thing, Intberbike exhibitors are for retailers. This is the time when companies are pimping out their goods like a butcher does with his choice meats. Also this is the time when dealers can get the best breaks in prices when they preorder for the season. Some of the deals they can get is rather than a 60 day term, they may get a 90 day or some may even offer terms where they don’t pay until July!

Anyhow, for the rest of us, Interbike is actually pretty fun. You get to walk around and see what’s new, get a few free stuff and eat a bunch of nutrition bars and drink up some free beer.

As cool as freebies are, there are a few guys and a gal that experienced some anti-social reps when visiting a booth. Tim G of the Crooked Cog talked about it too on his blog. I couldn’t figure out one booth where Priscilla and Randy were taking photos of some product, then a rep tells them that they can’t take any pics. But then he notices that they both had “Working Media” badges, he quickly appologizes and encourages them to take as many photos as they want. But by that time, damage was already done, Priscilla and Randy said “no thanks” and simply walked away.

I got that too from countless booths. More so from clothing and high end/custom bike companies. One booth I went to catered to the DH rider, and they had really nice stuff. I walk up, start checking out their stuff, making sure that my badge was clearly visible, and the douche bag, looks at me, dismisses the fact that I may have had a question, then he walks a way to get a hot dog at a near by vendor….

Another experience Priscilla had was with a catty group of women that were there exhibiting their clothing line. Priscilla walks up, she starts to take pictures, then she realized that no one was acknowledging her. So she left.

So here’s some advice to all you pompous companies at Interbike….get some people that are friendly! You can get a dime a dozen just by running a simple ad on!

For Pete’s sake, if they’re that snobby with us, think how snobby they are with other people…your potential customer. Yah so if your company doesn’t get as many orders as you may have expected from Interbike, just look at the people at Interbike that represented you…

Now for the folks that did show nothing but love to us…you are the same companies that are doing REALLY well. One of our favorite companies is Loeka Clothing. Great folks from Canada, eh. Priscilla went to go visit them and they took some time out to show off their 2008 goods…piece by piece…that visit right there must have taken at least 10 minutes. Now that’s what I call good PR. You’ll see more Loeka stuff as soon as Priscilla posts the photos.

Ok so is Interbike better than some events out there. Yes and no. Sea Otter Classic is what I compare it to the most. I know they are two different types of events, one is dealer and one is consumer based. But I think Sea Otter is way more fun for everyone. Sure companies have their new stuff they are pimpin’ out, and they also have product releases during Sea Otter. But its just more fun!

Here’s why, its like combining the Interbike show and dirt demo all in one place. Sea Otter has a demo area where you can test out bikes. Plus its outdoors, fresh air and a great vibe over all. Ah but wait! There is this one problem…if it rains…it pours! So bring some rain gear and some dry clothes.

One more thing why Sea Otter is better….this fella makes it all worth it!

So as cool as Interbike is, I’d recommend going to the Sea Otter Classic.Leave Interbike for us to cover, besides we’re willing to put our bodies through the ringer just to make sure you see all the goods Interbike has to offer. Oh and another thing we have over 500 photos and videos are coming your way.

You may ask why would the MtnBikeRiders Crew do all that for you, our loyal readers. It’s cuz we love you. Yup we do, if you see us in public, give us a high 5…but Jeremy likes hugs, Moe…well, just give him some beer and a slap on the butt, however, Moe likes it if you stay for a bit and grab some @$$ while you’re at it!

Deuter Hydro EXP 6 SL Review

Deuter Hydro EXP 6 SL

WHO: Deuter


ABOUT ME: 5’5, 130lbs, 29 year old female. I love all kinds of riding but Mountain Biking is by far my favorite!

TESTING GROUNDS: Fullerton Loop, Aliso Woods, Arizona, Powder Canyon

Sun Granite
Style: 32177
Volume: 350-500 cubic inches
6+2 liters
Torso: One Size inches
Fit: SL

Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz. + 6 oz.
System: Airstripes

Materials: Diamond Lite/Ballistic Lite

This pack is the answer for women who want hydration, with a fit specifically for them and the ability to store plenty of gear.

– Airstripes Backsystem
– Women’s specific fit
– Expandable main compartment
– 2 Liter Streamer Reservoir included
– Multiple front pockets
– 3M reflectors
– Interior pump pocket
– Internal organizer pocket
– Mesh hip fins with pockets
– Helmet Holder

First Impression:
At first glance this is a nice, durable pack. I was pleased with the size and capacity of the Deuter Hydro EXP 6 SL. There are lots of zippers and compartments to store and organize. Wasn’t too heavy and the fact that this bag is women’s specific was an added bonus. I wasn’t impressed with the grey/orange combo for colors but that doesn’t affect the functionality of the bag, just a personal preference. 🙂

The Deuter Hydro EXP 6 SL has a lot of strengths. First you’ll notice the amount of space this pack has. On the outside an easy access open space with clip to expand if necessary. You’ll find a small zippered pocket on bottom, deep zippered pocket on top, and on the side a small zippered mesh pocket. The pack unzips fully for easy access to your water reservoir with additional zippered pockets inside this space. There is a lot of room! This is great to organize all your “stuff� ladies. In addition to all of this the pack has an extra zipper to expand even further! You can fit EVERYTHING in this bag!
See below:

I was also impressed with the reservoir on this pack [The Streamer Reservoir]. The surface is treated with an antimicrobial Grunge Guard that prevents bacteria growth – so no need to worry about nasty mold growth in the reservoir. I often left my water to sit in this reservoir to see if I could get anything to grow – nada. The water tasted just fine after a few days of sitting in it. I know, I know, I am always willing to take one for the team!

The reservoir was also very easy to fill with water. Just slide across the plastic clip and the reservoir opens wide for an easy fill. One fold of the reservoir, and the plastic slides back on easily. There was no fumbling with this bag or spilling as I filled it up – very nice. One more thing, no funny taste with this reservoir. Reservoir’s that I’ve used in the past I have had to add some lemon or something else because they made my water taste funny. Did not experience that with this one at all. The water also flowed nicely through the silicone bite valve.

Women’s Specific Design. Need I say more? The pack fits beautifully. Did not feel bulky or heavy but still did it’s job.

This bag features 3M reflectors that worked very well as you can see:

This pack also features the Airstrips Backsystem. The back of the pack is lined with these airstrips which aided in keeping my back cooler. Don’t expect miracles though with this system. You’ll still experience back sweat but there is a little more relief with this system then with the traditional style.

One other feature is the dirt shield for the valve. As needed, it is easy to cover the mouthpiece, which is great, because I don’t care for the taste of a dirty valve. I love small details like that.

So the main issue I had with this pack was actually with the silicone bite valve. I am a biter. And it put some wear on the valve. Within the bite marks bateria grew and I was unable to clean it out. Eventually I punctured a hole and all water broke loose after that. (I didn’t read anything about the bite valve being anti-bacterial).

The other issue is the elastic bite valve holder. It fits between an elastic band on the front chest and once the elastic stretched with use, the valve would easily slip out. I would prefer an option to clip my valve for a more secure fit.

The durability of the product is very important to me which is why I took my time to review it. Over the past 5 months the Deuter Hydro EXP 6 SL is still going strong. No tears to report in the material. No fraying and believe me, I wasn’t gentle with the pak. I gave it a good beating with the amount of falls, and tumbles I take! Hey, I’ll do anything for a thorough review! ;D

All in all I really liked the Hydration pack. Lots of room, wasn’t too heavy, and I loved the detail that was put into it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the water reservoir! The best reservoir I have used so far. This bag prices at about $85 us dollars, which is a fair price for a Hydration Pack.

I love that this hydration pack is women specific, we need more of this. Our bodies are VERY different from the boys bodies, so it’s nice that companies are starting to take this into consideration while designing biking gear!

For more information you can visit their website at Deuter USA.