New T-Shirts

We’re doing a small run on these new white cotton T-Shirts with a black logo on the front. We’ll have a short sleeve and a long-sleeve version available.

Short sleeve will be $15.00 Shipped US Only.
mtn cotton shirt

Long sleeve will be $20.00 Shipped US Only.
LS mtn white cotton

They’ll be available in about a week or so. We’ll keep you updated.

Get yours today!

Don’t you want to be cool and well accepted by your mountain biking peers? If the answer is yes, then make sure you order a T-Shirt. T-shirt

It’s only $15+$5 shipping. What? Are you that cheap? C’mon you can splurge $6K on a new bike, but can’t spend $20 for a shirt that can literally change your life?

Yes it does change lives. Just look at this picture. I’m surrounded by 2 men only because I’m not wearing my T-Shirt. Aye, you might as well call it a sausage party.

But once Priscilla saw me wearing my T-Shirt…

She was all over me…in other words, chicks dig it!

So if you want to have a chicks, specifically your wife or girlfriend admire you, then get your T-Shirt Today!!!!