Well the day came and went very quickly! The SC VELO XC CHALLENGE in San Dimas, CA was the kick off for our MtnBikeRiders Racing Team! I am happy to say we did these jerseys proud!

Race day started out with a lot of rain clouds and overcast skies. I was really worried about having to race in the mud but luckily the rain didn’t start until after we finished the race. The race course was 4 miles long and we were required to ride 3 laps. I know 12 miles doesn’t sound like much, but this by far was one of the most difficult trails that I have had to do laps. I would say the majority of it was climbing. There were only about three fun downhill drops and two singletracks, other than that it was uphill pedaling. Not my idea of fun, but it was a butt kicking race.

The first two laps weren’t so bad, but the third lap I really wanted to throw in the towel. I experienced a lot of cramping and had to walk a few hills that I had previously pedaled up. I was exhausted on that third lap but I was determined to finish. I was able to avoid a couple of crashes and my chain dropped on me twice..but other than that it was a pretty clean race.

This was a tough race and I am just happy to have finished!

Kim Finch kicked butt out there! 2nd place win!

Props to Joe “Gangsta” Solancho, Kim Finch, Eric “Animal” Hunner and “The Moe”! Great Job guys and gal. You guys rock! I really felt like we went out there and gave it our all, and I’m real proud to be part of this team. 🙂 Thanks also to our sponsors: ERGON, HOSS, EVOMO and of course KHS for my sweet bike!!!

Thanks for all the support of families and friends that came out to cheer for us too. It was freezing out there and rainy by mid afternoon but everyone was a trooper about it. 🙂 And a special “Thank You” to RL. He seriously put in a lot of time and muscle into the race for us. He was photographer, babysitter, videographer, water boy, snack boy, motivator and the set up crew. You are the best RL! 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to race without your support babe. Love you. 😉

My reward for a job well done: Pizza and a cold brew. 🙂

We’re looking forward to the next race in November! Check out our flickr account for more pics!

Weekend Ride Report: Temecula, Ca.

This weekend Priscilla and I visited our friends Scott and Jennifer Finch out in Temecula on a ranch that they live at. The ranch has about 20 acres of land and Scott along with his 13 year old son Alex, built a little downhill trail that included a rock garden, whoops, a ladder, berms and a ton of fun!

We arrived in Temecula around 2pm on Saturday afternoon and immediately Scott, Alex and I scoped out the trail and started doing some practice runs. Here’s Scott and I resting on one of the many boulders on the course.

Here’s a Alex coming down the hill, he may look small, but this guy has the makings of a pro downhiller.

A shot of Alex coaching me through the ladder section.

Then later on in the evening, Scott, Jen, Priscilla and I rode through some fire roads to some sort of nature preserve in Temecula. Our ride was about 12 miles round trip. Picture of Scott and I. We’re actually in talks with Scott about becoming a Writer for He used to own RPM Cyclery in Lake Elsinore. But now he’ll be going to Taiwan for about 10 months, and he was telling me about all the trails out there and possibly going to the Taipei Bicycle Show and going on a few factory tours on behalf of…dang, I guess you can say we’ve gone international!

Jen and Priscilla riding through the back country.

We had an awesome time this weekend with the Finch Family. Scott is working on a review of a helmet cam we received a while back. He’ll get that up soon enough. I’m also working on a video of our weekend. I just need to compile it. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did on their rides this weekend, please leave a comment and share about your adventures! Jersey-Maiden Voyage

Yesterday’s after work Single Speed Extraveganza was the first time I was able to wear the new Jersey. But before we get to that, I wanted to share a few photos of the group that went. I say it was a single speed extraveganza, but in reality it was only Khoa, Joe and I that were on SS rigs. But our friends Ryan K. (the man behind my buff photo), Val and his brother Eric were on geared bikes.

Here’s our mandatory group shot.

And another…

Ok, now for the jersey. The fabric is Dry Fit, which means its moisture wicking and its super comfy. The cut and style allows for great arm movements, perfect for technical riding and climbing. The loose fit is great because I never felt constricted.

Sorry for the blurry photos, I just got this new camera and I’m not so sure how to set it up to take photos, but thanks to Ryan for taking them.

Here’s a side profile, that’s my new SS Red Rocket…it had red tires before…thus the name.

A staged photo of me climbing.

I do want to thank the rest of the guys for being patient with me. Man I am WAY out of shape…and I’m feeling the effects of the 170mm cranks…I’m spinning too much. Jersey-Sample

So here’s our next project, we’re working on getting some sublimated jerseys, but not like the club fit kind. These can be worn for XC, DH and BMX. Here’s what our first round looks like.

The jersey is was created by my work place, TAI Sports. We do custom sublimation and softball equipment. I even run the blog,

Here’s a close up of the jersey. Our next round of jerseys will most likely have the logo a larger diameter. Then on the back, across the shoulders would say “”

Elite is only available exclusively by TAI Sports, and its Dry Fit!

I only had 2 made, but once we get the final samples and we feel good about them, we’ll get more made.

Another Single Speed Project…Red Rocket!

First I want to apologize for not posting actual pictures of my newest project bike, well its all due to my camera taking dump and its at the shop being repaired. Anyhow, I started a new single speed project bike that involves the color RED!

Just to give you a hint on one of the items that adorns this Red Rocket, I’ve summoned the powers that be at for a Single Speed Tensioner, and this is the baby that they provided me.

This bad boy retails for $19.98 at
sette chain tensioner

Here’s the specs:

The Sette Tensioner is a single speed chain tensioner that will work for vertical or horizontal dropouts. It will only add 100g to your frame and can mount using a quick release or bolt-on type hubs. The Sette Tension Guide will easily mount directly to your rear drop-out and derailleur hanger and allow for full adjustability to achieve the perfect chain line.

I’m also using the Sette Single Speed Conversion Kit from
sette single speed conversion kit

Once I get my camera back from the shop, I’ll make sure to post some photos of the Red Rocket. One last hint…click here to find it.

Dress Ride Report

As you all know last Saturday was our official dress ride. This is basically the ride in which Vince Rodarte of KHS Bicycles paid his bet by wearing a dress during a ride at the Fullerton Loop.

On Saturday morning we had gathered a group of riders that were there to get a ride in as well as a gander at Vince wearing a dress. Vince showed up like a real diva, fashionably late. Right away we gathered everyone and I was able to present Vince his attire for the day.

Here’s Vince sporting his authentic Hawaiian moomoo by Guadalupe. I loved how the flowers matched his helmet, of course he rode in style since he was adorned by a pair of aviator glasses.

Not only was Vince a brave man for wearing the dress, but the dude was tough enough to haul his two boys in the trailer while riding a single speed!

Here’s the two Rodarte Mom’s with their kids.

Mandatory group shot by Joe Solancho.

We ended the day with a BBQ that provided for those that could make it. Burgers and Dogs were flowing like Evian out of my grill.

In true style, a video captured our festivities! Enjoy!

We’d like to thank everyone that made it to the ride as well as the great sponsors of the weight loss challenge. Apparently, Juan Diaz of Specialized Bicycles donated $200 to the City of Hope!

Ride Report: Bonelli Park, San Dimas, Ca. and a few friends rode Bonelli Park. in San Dimas Ca. If you remember, this was the race where Priscilla, Jeremy, and Joe Solancho all placed on the podium. It’s a pretty short, but brutal course with steep climbs and fast descents. This time around we rode the trail backwards. Keep in mind that on Saturday the temperature rose into the 90’s. We had an earlier start to try and beat the heat, but it was out of vain. Half way through the ride, we were all feeling the effects of the hot sun.

Personally I was miserable. I had a mild case of heat exhaustion by the end of the ride. Ya, I had all the known symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness and a killer headache…

Here’s one of our re-grouping spots. We tried to get under the shade every chance we got, but Bonelli doesn’t offer much coverage.

Thanks to Joe Solancho for the great photos.

A shot of me climbing one of many hills…this was the point where I first dry heaved. There were more to follow…

We had two mechanicals that morning, one was Jeremy getting a pinch flat, and another where Priscilla got a thorn in her tire.

Here’s Jeremy aka “Mr.Rigid” (known for his bike and its a nick name his wife has for him) happily climbing. Tim S. isn’t far behind while Randall and I are walking, what we like to take our time. Besides, we were the “sweepers” of the ride.

Priscilla was back in her game that day. She did some sort of cleanse where it left her really messed up at last week’s ride. But this weekend, she was back in her groove and was able to keep up with the boys and out climb most of us…including me up the hills.

As always, I created a short video to document our adventures, enjoy!

MtnBikeRiders Welcomes Newest Staffer

It brings us great pleasure to introduce our newest Staffer for, Joe Solancho.

Joe comes to us from a busy mountain bike racing season. He’s competed in and in many occasions placed in races like the Team Big Bear Challenge in San Dimas, Ca., Southridge USA, Fontana, Keyesville Classic, and the Sea Otter Classic. Joe is a seasoned XC/DH and Super D rider/racer. He’s also a professional sports photographer in which he owns JS3 Images Action Photography. He’s had assignments where he’s covered mixed martial arts events, mountain bike races, concerts and more.

We asked Joe to become part of the crew due to the fact that he is super cool, he’s also a well rounded rider. We liked that he was a regular…Joe(no pun intended) and he was also a pretty good racer. Best of all, he’s Filipino! Mabuhay!

With all that said, please welcome Joe Solancho!

Lil’ Bryan’s Adventures!

The other day I was walking to the garage and I noticed something on the ground, it was an action figure that resembled our friend Bryan Thombs(click here for a picture of him) of Evomo.

So I picked it up and called him “Lil’ Bryan.” Then I decided to do something like Flat Stanley and take Lil’ Bryan around with me for the course of the day.

The first thing we did was load up the cars and drove down to one of our favorite trails, Turnbull Canyon.

Lil’ Bryan posing on my bike. I know you dig the license plate! Here’s Moe in the background sportin’ his new duds, a matching Metallica jersey and socks ensemble. Everytime I looked at Moe all I could think was the lyrics to a song…“WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! WE GOT WHAT IT TAKES!” Oh snap…wrong song!

After our ride, Priscilla and I went to the local Trader Joe’s to get some salad. The Organic Arugula was only $2.29!

Since I looked boss with my new Evomo hat, I decided to get a shot of it in the store.

Then later on in the day my brother and I drove down to the Sam’s Club to get something for Moe.

Lil’ Bryan only wanted best for Moe so he sat there in protest until Randy agreed to get Moe his favorite To-Kill-Ya.

After that debacle, I calmed down Lil’ Bryan and put him in my pocket. He just loves that!

Lil’ Bryan wanted to be part of the paying process…

So then Randy and I went over to Home Depot to look for some hoses for a beer bong, jk…

After our shopping trip, we headed back to our sister’s place to make some Martini’s. I think Lil’ Bryan had too much…

A bit too much, the Lil’ dude was hanging off the Martini shaker by the end of the night!

By the time Lil’ Bryan passed out from all the drinks he had, I had to drag him out and put him back in my pocket. Right now he’s still sleeping, and I’m sure he’ll have a wicked hangover from it….

Ride Report: Aliso Woods

As you may remember, we’ve been to Aliso Woods in more than a few occasions. What can I say, we love this trail! This week, was a bit short handed due to the holidays, but that didn’t stop us from organizing a ride with some new friends.

Joe and Robert, our newest riding buddies came out to join us. They’ve never been to Aliso Woods, so I figured I’d give them the fun tour. Khoa and Priscilla decided to cut out my favorite section, Rock-It and ride a fast descent called Mathis.

So that left Joe, Robert and myself to enjoy Rock-It and Coyote Run. Check it out…