Relax Vibe Rides Explained has been known to have “Relaxed Vibe Rides.” We’ve document some of them through videos and photos. For the most part some folks that join us for these rides seem to enjoy them just as much as we do.

Here’s the method to the madness. We like to ride, carry conversations, root for each other, and enjoy everything the trail can offer. But the most important part of these rides is the fact that we enjoy each other’s company.

You see you can get more out of riding in a relaxed vibe than you would rushing through the trails. Sure there’s value in training rides and conditioning, heck our own staff races…and Priscilla got 2nd place at the Mt. Sac race. She got there through rigorious training and conditioning. Jeremy and Lance did very well at that race too…heck they’re way faster than Moe and I will ever be.

But my point is, a good fun ride is just as important as training ride. Sure the ride itself may take longer because you’re always looking out for new jumps, new trails or anything that might add some fun to the day.

So here’s what recommends, throw in a few “relaxed vibe rides” every few weeks. Basically do your training ride one weekend, then a fun ride the following. You’ll see that these rides will liven up your mountain biking experience.

Champion System Jersey #2!!

Well I promised I would share my goodies with you all. Here is the second of the three jerseys that Champion System sent me! All three jerseys are Betty Boop jerseys because I LOoOoVE Betty Boop. 😀

It’s a good thing I took these photos before I got the flu! lol.

Here’s the rear view:

I’ll post pics of the third jersey later this week and have my first impression up early next week. 🙂

Interbike 2007: I’m still worn out!

Interbike ended last Friday, today is Monday night and I’m still feeling the effects of walking the miles and miles of biking heaven that is known as the greatest bicycle trade show in North America.

My heels hurt, my knees, surprisingly feels good oh I can’t forget how my shoulders were burning the whole 3 days.

Well enough complaining and let’s get down to the nitty gritty. For those of you that haven’t been to Interbike, let me tell you a few things that may or may not convince you that there are other events out there that are better or worse.

For one thing, Intberbike exhibitors are for retailers. This is the time when companies are pimping out their goods like a butcher does with his choice meats. Also this is the time when dealers can get the best breaks in prices when they preorder for the season. Some of the deals they can get is rather than a 60 day term, they may get a 90 day or some may even offer terms where they don’t pay until July!

Anyhow, for the rest of us, Interbike is actually pretty fun. You get to walk around and see what’s new, get a few free stuff and eat a bunch of nutrition bars and drink up some free beer.

As cool as freebies are, there are a few guys and a gal that experienced some anti-social reps when visiting a booth. Tim G of the Crooked Cog talked about it too on his blog. I couldn’t figure out one booth where Priscilla and Randy were taking photos of some product, then a rep tells them that they can’t take any pics. But then he notices that they both had “Working Media” badges, he quickly appologizes and encourages them to take as many photos as they want. But by that time, damage was already done, Priscilla and Randy said “no thanks” and simply walked away.

I got that too from countless booths. More so from clothing and high end/custom bike companies. One booth I went to catered to the DH rider, and they had really nice stuff. I walk up, start checking out their stuff, making sure that my badge was clearly visible, and the douche bag, looks at me, dismisses the fact that I may have had a question, then he walks a way to get a hot dog at a near by vendor….

Another experience Priscilla had was with a catty group of women that were there exhibiting their clothing line. Priscilla walks up, she starts to take pictures, then she realized that no one was acknowledging her. So she left.

So here’s some advice to all you pompous companies at Interbike….get some people that are friendly! You can get a dime a dozen just by running a simple ad on!

For Pete’s sake, if they’re that snobby with us, think how snobby they are with other people…your potential customer. Yah so if your company doesn’t get as many orders as you may have expected from Interbike, just look at the people at Interbike that represented you…

Now for the folks that did show nothing but love to us…you are the same companies that are doing REALLY well. One of our favorite companies is Loeka Clothing. Great folks from Canada, eh. Priscilla went to go visit them and they took some time out to show off their 2008 goods…piece by piece…that visit right there must have taken at least 10 minutes. Now that’s what I call good PR. You’ll see more Loeka stuff as soon as Priscilla posts the photos.

Ok so is Interbike better than some events out there. Yes and no. Sea Otter Classic is what I compare it to the most. I know they are two different types of events, one is dealer and one is consumer based. But I think Sea Otter is way more fun for everyone. Sure companies have their new stuff they are pimpin’ out, and they also have product releases during Sea Otter. But its just more fun!

Here’s why, its like combining the Interbike show and dirt demo all in one place. Sea Otter has a demo area where you can test out bikes. Plus its outdoors, fresh air and a great vibe over all. Ah but wait! There is this one problem…if it rains…it pours! So bring some rain gear and some dry clothes.

One more thing why Sea Otter is better….this fella makes it all worth it!

So as cool as Interbike is, I’d recommend going to the Sea Otter Classic.Leave Interbike for us to cover, besides we’re willing to put our bodies through the ringer just to make sure you see all the goods Interbike has to offer. Oh and another thing we have over 500 photos and videos are coming your way.

You may ask why would the MtnBikeRiders Crew do all that for you, our loyal readers. It’s cuz we love you. Yup we do, if you see us in public, give us a high 5…but Jeremy likes hugs, Moe…well, just give him some beer and a slap on the butt, however, Moe likes it if you stay for a bit and grab some @$$ while you’re at it!

DIY Tire Chains

diy bicycle tire

In this article, we’ll be talking about a DIY method of making your own bicycle tire chains was not as hard as I thought it would be. I went to a local hardware store and picked up a few things I needed for this project. It turned out to be fairly inexpensive.

Things I picked up were:
15″ of braided chain $7.20
15″ of 1/16 uncoated cable (picture frame wire) $3.15
3 packs of 1/16 cable ferrule (used to bind wire together) $.78 a pack
A whopping grand total of $13.66 tax included.

Tools needed: needle nose pliers, wire stripper, wire cutter, and zip ties.

First, let some air out of your tires.

Then split the chain links into 6 links a strand.

diy bicycle tire

Place the first strand of links on the tire and secure with a zip tie. Subsequent strands are spaced evenly with a 6 link strand.

diy bicycle tire

Once the chain links are in place, route the cable through the end links and secure with cable ferrule.

diy bicycle tire

Ensure the cable is taut. I wrapped the cable around the wire cutter and pulled to get leverage.

diy bicycle tire


Finished product. I left the zip ties in place to ensure the chains would not move.

Lastly, inflate tires for normal use.