Burt ReynoldSS get’s a little upgrade

Here’s the most recent upgrade on Burt, it’s a red chain. In my previous article, I mentioned that I’d go with a gold theme. But I realized, I had plenty of red on the components that it made more sense to go with that color. My previous chain broke, so here’s what I got to replace it with.
red kmc chain

It’s a bright color that should pop.
red single speed chain

Looks great don’t it!
redline d600 single speed

As handsome as Burt looks, I’m still having some chain skipping issues. I’m going to try a few more things and see if that helps it. I really doubt that it’s the rear cog, but I’m suspecting the culprit might be the tensioner…aye, we’ll find out.

Ergon Grips: GR2 Magnesium

We recently took delivery of the new GR2 Magnesium grips from Ergon USA.

I installed them on the newly built Sette Reken Single Speed.

Here’s the specs:

Originally developed for racing using the experience of riders at the Transalp Challenge, the grip body is the same as the GC2. The light 100% magnesium 3 finger barend offers practically the same advantages as a full size barend despite its small size. Its size and shape are ideal for small to middle sized hands (Size S: 6.5 – 8.5) as well as for middle to larger sized hands (Size L: 8.5 – 10.5). The barend and the support platform on the grip can be independently adjusted for the correct angle to allow optimized fit for individual saddle position and riding style.
sizes: S, L GR2
sizes: S, L GR2 Gripshift® compatibel
sizes: S, L GR2 Rohloff®/Nexus® compatibel
Gender • Unisex
Size • Small, Large
Clamp • Magnesium
Use • Mountainbike, Touring
Price (MRSP) 49.95 $US

Another angle.

I’ve actually used Ergon Products before. In fact Priscilla and Jeremy both ride with Ergon grips. So that means I’m already confident that they do just great on the review. But here’s the thing, I’ve never used their bar end models yet. Moe also got a set of the GC2 grips to test out. We’re both putting them on our single speed bikes since bar ends are pretty handy when it comes to climbing.

I’m learning something about single speed mountain biking

Well for one, it’s pushing me to go beyond my limits…which in turn has and still causes me to throw up.

On our weekly night ride, Moe, Priscilla and I hit the local trail to get some miles in. In previous weeks I couldn’t clear some of the hills, but this evening, I cleared some of the harder ones. At the Fullerton Loop, the first short but steep climb usually takes a victim every now and then. Single Speeders…newbies are more prone to get owned by this hill. Being a newbie I was getting my butt handed to me on a silver platter each time I tried this hill. But each time that I do try it, I was getting further up the hill than the previous attempt.

So this evening I mashed my pedals up the first climb and cleared it! I was pretty proud of myself and got a high five from Moe who is also riding a single speed. He almost made it, but I think a rut grabbed onto his tires. What makes it even better is when Priscilla gives me the “great job babe!” Those words make the pain of the climb feel even better.

Tonight was super cold, it was around 40 degrees. That’s pretty cold for SoCal! We cut the ride short due to some cleat problems I had as well as my inability to lessen the need to hurl. For some reason, I wasn’t on queue with the ride. My knees were aching, I swallowed a bug that clamped onto the back of my throat before I threw him up. Plus I was worn out. Ya I know, I’m full of excuses tonight.But I couldn’t under stand why I was so slow compared to how I normally ride. Perhaps it was my 2 mile walk during lunch that did me in…

So we got back to the car, Priscilla started modeling some long johns that she got to review(more on that later) and we just hung out for a bit to chit chat. For a cold night ride, it wasn’t too bad. I mean, c’mon riding a bike is fun no matter what!