Date Night

Last night I took Priscilla on a unique date that involved our bicycles. I loaded up my Xtracycle with a blanket, and a cooler full of “refreshments.” I rigged up the bikes with some lights for safety. Priscilla’s Electra was bling’d up with my Down Low Glow neon light.

We rode up to a near by park called Mountain View, set up and gazed at the stars. My camera sucks, so its not like you could really see that well, but it was a clear and cool night.

Here’s a shot of a ferris wheel at a near by Brea Carnival that’s set to take place this weekend.

We had a great time even though this was a low cost, low tech date. Sometimes it doesn’t take that much to enjoy each other’s company…a couple of bikes, a blanket and “refreshments.” You should try it too with your special person!

Yea! I did it!

Yesterday I completed my first 8k! I’ve been cross training to hopefully improve my endurance out on the trails. And I am excited to say that I was able to finish despite the nasty rainy conditions and cold that almost sent me back home!

Wet and Cold!

Even RL rode alongside me on his bike to cheer me on! He thought he’d bring the Xtracycle in case I got tired. Hehe. Then I could just hop on for a ride back to the finish line. But apparently the other runners frown on that sort of thing.

That’s me in the green! The race would have been more fun on that Xtracycle!

Well, it felt pretty good to finish. I am on to a 10k now. But without a doubt, I have to say I like riding my bike waaay more then running. There’s just more adventures in bike riding! But I am hoping this will help with a couple of mountain bike races that are approaching!

On my way to the finish line!!! 😀