Zip Tie Use 1,345

The other day I was hanging out with Animal. I told him how I inherited a great professional grade Park Truing Stand. I was telling him that because of this tool, I’ve learned how to properly true and etc. Animal looks at me, chuckles and told me to look at the two zip ties in his ginormous hand.
He went onto explain that when ever he needed to true a wheel, he’d take two zip ties and attach them to seat stay of the frame.
zip truing stand
What he does is cut the ties to the length needed and turn it in or out so he can properly dial it in. Makes sense right?
Now check this out. This is his rear wheel that he hand-built without using a truing stand or a dishing tool. He used the zip tie method and the wheel has over 1600 miles on it!
zip tie truing stand