How To Install a Fork: Woodstock 707

We got bitten by the upgrade and decided to pimp out the Woodstock 707 with a fancy 120mm Manitou Black fork.

Just a quick note, the steerer tube was previously cut to the same size as the old fork and the star nut was already installed.
Manitou black

The current fork on the Woodstock 707 is a Manitou Axel with 100mm of travel.
woodstock 707

First thing you do is remove the wheel then the brake calipers.
woodstock 707

Loosen the stem and slide the fork slowly making sure that you have your hand on the spacers and headset. The last thing you need are those things flying off and landing all over the floor.
woodstock 707

If you don’t have a bearing race remover, you can do the next best thing…a hammer and screw driver. Though I recommend you either use the proper tool or take it to your LBS to have it done.

Take your flat head screw driver and gently tap it into the bottom of the bearing race. Just keep working it until the race comes off.

To install the race on the new fork, just tap it with the flat head and hammer along the outer edges of the race.

Then reinstall the fork by sliding it into the head tube, replace the headset, stem and tighten down the screws. Don’t forget to reinstall the caliper.

Viola! Here’s the finished product.
woodstock 707

The Woodstock now has a lighter fork with 120mm of travel and it looks cooler too!
woodstock 707

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