Ride Report: Meet Nick “Nasty” Null

This past Saturday Jeremy, Priscilla and I, invited our first guest author, Nick “Nasty” Null. Now you’re probably wondering where the nick name “Nasty” came from…well to be honest with you, I don’t know, it kinda just stuck. Nick is actually a pretty nice guy, so maybe I should change it to Nick “Nice” Null….nah….NASTY sounds cooler. Besides I’m sure the ladies dig it….which by the way…he’s single…I think? Ooh I better get my facts straight before I pimp him out to the world.

Yeah that’s me on my tippy toes trying to look taller next to Jeremy.

So we met up at our place to get Nick fitted on the Motobecane Fly Pro. Once things were set up we then drove down to the trail head to meet up with Jeremy “El Vato” Yang. I call Jeremy the tallest Mexican I know…its obvious he’s not Mexican….He’s Irish!

Priscilla kicking ass!

Anyhow, Priscilla rode her usual Ibex Trophy Comp and I on my Woodstock 707…sweet bike I may add. We we were having tons of fun on the single track, no casualties, great weather and great company.

Surprisingly Nick is a great rider! I think it might have been the Motobecane Fly Pro that made him…um Fly on the trails, but overall, he’s just a fast guy!

At one point of the trail there was this little drainage ditch we had to cross. There was some busted up ply wood that set down so riders could make through it out a problem. I made it with out any issues….so did Nasty Nick. But check out what happens when Jeremy tries…

Um.. I was a bit surprised to see Jeremy have a hard time with this area. You have to understand, riding the trails with Jeremy is like a VW bug trying to keep up with a Corvette. I’d be the bug and Jeremy is the Corvette. He’s an exceptional rider, and I have been encouraging the fella to start racing because he’s that good. But as you saw in the video…well…he needs more practice in some of the technical stuff. But we still like the Tall Mexican that he is.

As for Nick, super cool dude. Not cocky or arrogant like me, so that’s good! We had a great time and it was awesome to meet Nick “Nasty” Null.

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