I looovveee BETTY BOOP!!

I am a HUGE Betty Boop fan! I love watching her cartoons! She cracks me up! Betty Boop is a girl after my own heart. She is fun, and cute, and adventurous. So while I was at Interbike I ran into a company named Champion System. They make quality, customized, and affordable apparel. And low and behold they have the most adorable Betty Boop jerseys!!! So Scott from Champion Systems said he was just going to have to send a few my way for reviews. I graciously accepted – no need to twist my arm! Ha! You rock Scott! ;D

Below is the first of the three they sent me. You’ll just have to check in throughout the week to see the other two! I think I am going to wear this one for my Birthday ride tomorrow!!! 😀

Tell me this isn’t the cutest jersey you have ever seen??!?!? 😀 Stay tuned to see the rest of the goodies!

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