24 Hours of Fullerton Update 4

Well so much for real time updates…this one is about a day late…

This post is dedicated to Priscilla who is probably out by the pool during her annual girls weekend get away. After my first lap I decided that my Warp was way too heavy…around 32lbs for this 24 hour event. So I quickly ran home since the event was held about 2 miles from my place and grabbed Priscilla’s Motobecane. You’ve all seen this bike, it has a turtle horn, sweet pink Terry saddle and a pink water bottle cage…and it only weights about 24lbs…

But before the ride, Moe and I grabbed some breakfast at Farmer Boys…this is his “hang over look.” Oh he’s not faking it, he was really irritated with me for taking his picture. 🙂

Once we got back to the trailer, I geared up and headed out while Moe tried to get some more ZZzz and sleep that headache away.

These are some guys ahead of me that had already completed buncha laps…I think the dude way ahead was the one that came in second place with 15 laps.

This is a sweet part of the trail right after Blair Witch. Tall trees and small trail makes it pretty unique.

I do want to thank Priscilla for her bike, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to ride anymore. My bum knee was acting up again. What sucked is I took a a whole month off the bike to make sure that my knee would heal, then after the Mt Sac Race, my knee was all messed up again….

Anyhow, like Moe said the spirit of the ride isn’t so much who does the most laps, but its to have fun and burn off the food we ate at Thanksgiving. At the awards ceremony, they read off the winners and placings. Moe and I came in in the top 20 for successfully completing 3 laps each…ya I know its only 3, but hey we won some Addidas Eye Wear out of it! Score! Moe got a nice pair of DH goggles and I opted for a pair of ladies eye wear for Priscilla. What? I have to score brownie points with her! 🙂

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