It’s 6:09am on Race Day

Team is making its debut at the Triple Crown Series in Bonelli Park, Ca. 4 of our riders should be racing today as well as the infamous “The Moe.”

Here’s today’s race roster:
Priscilla Policar-XC
Eric Hunner-Single Speed
Joe “Gangsta” Solancho-XC
Kim Finch-XC
Moe Ramirez-XC

As I’m typing this, Priscilla is still asleep, that’s good since she’s got race day jitters. I’m nervous too and I’m not even racing! I’ll be at the race to support the team by making sure that they are taken care of, hydrated and as the team wrench.

It should be an interesting event since its forecasted to rain today, up to a 50% chance by race time. I’ll do our best to provide race coverage, I’ll be wearing many hats today, Team Manager, Dad, Husband, the guy that moons riders as they pass by, photographer, videographer, wrench and water boy.

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  1. Go Team. I have jitters too. I started drinking coffee @ 04:30. Rain or Shine it will be a great time.

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