Triple Crown Series-1st Stop Bonelli Park

The XC Dept. of the Race Team was out in attendance @ the 1st stop of the Triple Crown Series. Great job out there team and we’ll see you @ The Mt. Sac Fat Tire Classic!

Here’s a highlights video from the race.

2009 Triple Crown Series

Below are the official dates for the upcoming 2009 Triple Crown Series in So Cal.  As you recall, our Team did fairly well in 2008.  Priscilla and Kim won the overall for their respective categories.  I’m betting they’ll bring home new jerseys for 2009 🙂

Triple Crown Champion                      2008 Triple Crown Series winner’s jersey

I’m looking forward to another exciting series of cross country racing!

2009-mtb-race by you.

Upcoming SoCal Mountain Biking Races by SC Velo

Race Director Ryan Hernandez of SC Velo gave me some info about 2 up coming races this fall. Not sure if you recall, but these races was the birthplace of the Race Team.

XC Mt. Bike Race “Incycle XC Challenge” at Bonelli Park, San Dimas on Saturday October 17,2009.
For more information, contact Ryan at website is

XC Mt. Bike Race “Fat tire Classic” at Mt.Sac Collage, City of Walnut. on Sunday November 1, 2009.
For more information, contact Ryan at website is

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Priscilla’s Southridge Race Report

In case you didn’t see the video yet, I just want to say that “YEEEEA, YEEEEA, YEEEAH…I WOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!!” 😀 I am so excited about this weekends race. Southridge is one of the most technical and difficult trails for me to ride so I am so happy to have barely made it out of there in one piece!!

I actually had no plans to ride this race up until a month ago. I promised myself though that if I made podium at Mt Sac then I would have to ride this race for a chance at that Champion spot. It took a lot for me to muster up the courage though. The first time I rode this trail (which was about a year ago), I literally ended up in tears because I was so terrified out there! No kidding!

For the most part I felt pretty good out there this past weekend. I keep thinking back on all my what-if moments. My regrets – not hauling butt quick enough on the first big climb. I ended up stuck behind some riders that rode a little sketchy and slow on the singletrack. And I ended up munching it on a downhill section as I was trying to avoid my competition that had crashed in front of me. I took a clean fall but it really cost me some time. The mom in me – I had to make sure she was okay before I could take off! This gave me the opportunity to get in front of her again but not by much as the climbs really kicked my butt.

Through the majority of the ride I knew I had been passed by two other women already in my category. So I was riding hard for that 3rd spot. And my competition was never too far behind me. Near the end of the race as I was flowing through some sweet singletrack, I took another bad fall. I really can’t recall all that it entailed but I remember my rear tire hitting something and I immediately was thrown to the side of the hill. It was bad. The wind was knocked out of me. My head slammed on the rocky hill side and my backpack saved my back. I couldn’t say the same for my knee or the right side of my body though. My right hand was used as a face saver…I really thought I had sprained my wrist. It took me a minute to gather myself and then it happened! My competition passed me and I was in 4th place again. There was no way I was going to lose that 3rd place and I had to finish anyway so I jumped back on my bike after her. I was frustrated because I found myself on her tire most of the time…but on a singletrack there is no where to go! I lucked out when we came to the downhill portion of the singletrack. You have an option to take a steep gutter pavement down the hillside or some dirt. She hesitated, so I dropped down to the gutter…and pedaled on down past her and hauled butt to the next climb. My wrist was fat and throbbing by this time but I was determined to finish 3rd place.

I think the pain in my body motivated me to haul butt to the finish line….I was in some serious need of ice and pain killers! I was happy to finish in 3rd place after all that. And my 3rd place secured me the Champion Spot for the Triple Crown Series. Lucky for me there were only a few of us that had competed in all three races. ;D

And I think I am healing well. I felt like I had been hit by a car when I woke up yesterday, but I only have one oozy boo boo. The rest are bruises and surface scrapes. My doc gave me a tetanus shot and she threw in a flu shot for kicks. 🙂 It’s all good.

I am loving my jersey!!! So proud of everyone out there. Kim did awesome as well. She took home her Champion jersey as well as 3rd place for XC and 1st place for Super D. That girl is amazing! I am actually looking forward to more rides and maybe more races out in Fontana. 😀 Good times!!!

It’s 6:09am on Race Day

Team is making its debut at the Triple Crown Series in Bonelli Park, Ca. 4 of our riders should be racing today as well as the infamous “The Moe.”

Here’s today’s race roster:
Priscilla Policar-XC
Eric Hunner-Single Speed
Joe “Gangsta” Solancho-XC
Kim Finch-XC
Moe Ramirez-XC

As I’m typing this, Priscilla is still asleep, that’s good since she’s got race day jitters. I’m nervous too and I’m not even racing! I’ll be at the race to support the team by making sure that they are taken care of, hydrated and as the team wrench.

It should be an interesting event since its forecasted to rain today, up to a 50% chance by race time. I’ll do our best to provide race coverage, I’ll be wearing many hats today, Team Manager, Dad, Husband, the guy that moons riders as they pass by, photographer, videographer, wrench and water boy.