The Moe’s “B” DH project bike

“Why do you have so many bikes?” That’s one of the questions that I get all the time. My answer is because every bike has its purpose”.

So due to my improper maintenance (always check your nuts and bolts before a race), I ended up racing with bike that I was not familiar with. As I was scouring the internet for deals, I found a frame that suited my budget and needs.

Little by little I’ve been gathering parts for this bike, here’s a teaser of what my “B” bike will feature:

Marzocchi Bomber 66

FSA The Pig Headset

Xero Flick DH Rims

Hozfeller Stem

Saint Cranks

I will reveal the frame once the bike has been assembled, I’m still scoping out some stuff in Ebay and other local forums, I hope to have the bike ready for the Mammoth race!