Uh Oh…that’s no bueno…

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This morning Joe and I met up to do a photo shoot to feature the Sette Venom and the KHS XCT 555. After I got home, I cleaned up and headed out to the market with my daughter.

I decided to put the bikes away later today so that meant they stayed on the car as we went to the store. As we drove through the neighborhood, I hit a little bump, and next thing you know…BUMP BUMP BUMP!

There’s something missing from this picture.

Turns out the Sette Venom came off my rack and bounced off my car and landed down the street. Fortunately the fella behind me stopped right away and he put his hazards on as I ran to get the bike.

I pulled the bike to the side of the road to inspect it. No major damage. Just some big scratches.

Lockon jaw came off.

Bent derailleur hanger and scratched derailleur.

This is what I was bummed out about. My Dirty Dog MTB Reaper Stem was pretty banged up.

Oh and my car has some deep gouges on the rear quarter panel and my antenna was bent back.

So how did this happen? Well, my rack’s locking thingy is for round down tubes. But the Sette Venom has a squarish tube. Basically the rack didn’t have enough grip and when I hit the bump, it came right off. I figure I’ll have to save up for a hitch for my car in order to transport the Venom around. But I can use my trunk mount rack in the mean time.

RL Policar

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6 thoughts on “Uh Oh…that’s no bueno…

  1. No the car is fine, besides its paid off. But it would be cheaper for me to buy a hitch for the car rather than getting new trays for my roof rack. Hitch will only cost $130…that’s the cost of 1 tray.

  2. I have the Thule T2 and its great. Easy on and off without the high lift over. Wont look good on a car though as much as on an SUV or minivan…

    But one time after a ride at Bonelli I forgot to strap in the rear wheel strap. We were still on the street when the rest of the bike fell off the platform. Heard a loud thud, and I looked behind and saw 1/2 the bike on the rack secured by the arm and the rear was being dragged. Good thing we were just pulling away from the light so I was going slow; if I was on the freeway I’m pretty sure the bike would have disintegrated from being dragged sideways.

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