Apparently I’m a Hoarder

I kinda, sorta knew this because when you go into my garage I’ve got about 19-23(give or take 5) bicycles and frames as well as various parts that could easily build up a new bike for a family of 6. My garage is a tandem-2 car garage. That means it’s 1 car wide, but 2 car deep. So the inside half of my garage is what I call my “Shop.” But Lady P just calls it a “mess.” Most of the folks who have been in my garage kinda just freak out on just how much stuff I have there. Funny thing about that, when I was growing up my brother, SSGT. Randy was one of the messiest guys I have ever met. His room would have old dishes that had stuff growing all over it and his junk was all over the place. But somehow being in the Army for over 18 years beat all that mess out of him. Now his garage is super organized, heck even his boat has special compartments where things belong. So when he comes into my garage, he just kinda wigs out because he can’t handle the mess. But if you’re anything like me, then you’ll know where everything is, no matter how messy it is.

This is what I consider “clean.” But it doesn’t fly with the Mrs.

Often times Lady P has made comments that she’ll just go in there and throw everything out or that she’ll do some sort of intervention with me and have some of my closest friends come in and throwing things out. Bleh, what she as well as the rest of the world doesn’t understand is that, “I’ll use those parts later.” Or that they have some sort of purpose set aside, but because I’m so busy I just haven’t gotten around to those projects.

Rather than ending up on the Hoarders show with ACTUAL hoarders (animal hoarders), I’ve devised a plan to help me cut through the junk. Not sure if I’ll ever follow through, but it’s a great start! Ok so here it goes.

1. Check my inventory of parts and junk
2. Have I used it in the last 2 years? Yes-Keep. No-Trash
3. Don’t save any cable housing that is less than 1 foot.
4. Pass out extra bikes that I do not use to friends and family.
5. Sell items that are of value that I won’t use. I currently have a ton of stuff listed on Craigslist! Gotta pay down those student loans!
6. Give things away? Crazy idea, but I’ve got stuff I will never use such as 7-8 speed parts that could be useful to someone.
7. Consistently sell stuff. I’ve got 15, new children’s helmets that I have to get rid off! If I can’t sell them by the end of summer, I can use them as give-aways for the next Career Day.

Ok, now that I have that on my To-Do list, execution is the next step. There’s going to be a bicycle swap meet at the Fullerton Loop on Saturday, August 11, 2012 from 7am-12noon. I plan on lugging what ever can fit in the Limo down to the venue and sell this stuff at super cheap prices. I’ll probably have $1.00 bins just so I can move these items. Hopefully I won’t be bringing back that stuff I brought down. Besides, I wanted to go to Sizzler that same night and if I don’t sell my junk, then no All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp for me!