Artie in my pants ride report

This evening Priscilla and I ventured out on this super top secret trail that no one really knows about. I’d tell you but then you’ll ruin it because its such a fun place you’ll want to ride there and invite all your friends, then it wouldn’t be secret anymore…

Tonight’s ride was a bit different. We weren’t training hard or riding super fast, I think I was just too distracted by things that I saw on the trail…I’ve been dieting for quite some time and food is always on my mind.

I call this photo, the “cock pit” shot. Can you find Artie? That guy seems to show up in the weirdest places. One time I was going #2 and I sent him a text message, then next thing you know I hear a message notification from the stall next to me. Ok…weird, so I sent Art another message talking about how it was a weird coincidence that the guy next to me got a text soon after I sent one…then he responds…”that’s weird, as soon as I sent you a message, the guy in the stall next to me got a text too!”
art in my pants
After our ride we headed over to a fish taco place to replenish the nutrients we expended on riding 36.2 miles that evening. Check out my “salad” and behind it is my favorite veggie, onion rings.
This is my carbon fiber wallet. People always seem to geek out when they see it. But you know what’s in it? Debt! Not so cool anymore eh?