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Kenda Tires are RAD!

Posted by RL Policar On August - 24 - 2009

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Once I built up the Sette Venom, I wanted to get some new tires on it and I have to tell you I am VERY pleased with how well they work for me.
sette venom
For the front tire, I went with a Kenda Nevegal 2.5 that Moe gave me since he won it at a raffle. The rear wheel was wrapped with another great Kenda Tire, the Telonix 2.2.
kenda tires

What makes this tire combination work so well would be the the wide 2.5 in the in the front that would allow me to plow through anything. The slender 2.2 rear tire in the back is perfect for getting some speed out.

The Kenda Nevegal is pretty awesome due to its thick side walls and fantastic outside tread pattern that allows me to corner like never before. Even in loose conditions, the front tire will grab.

The Kenda Telonix tire was brought to my attention by Moe. He had the same tire on his DH bike and spoke very highly about it. The rear tread pattern acts like claws when grabbing dirt. Cornering is pretty fun because all I have to do lean when taking a flat corner or a berm, plus I don’t have to worry about my rear tire washing out.

On a recent downhill ride we did at a trail called Troy Lee, my Kenda Tire combination worked like a charm. I dropped my air pressure down between 30-35psi to get more traction since we were riding on some variable terrain that consisted of hard pack and loose conditions. Not once during my decent down the mountain did I feel uneasy about my tires. One of the guys riding with us kept complaining how his tires sucked…and guess what, they weren’t Kendas…

So if you’re looking into investing some new tires for your ride, whether its downhill or all mountain, consider the Kenda Telonix and Kenda Nevegals…you won’t regret it.

2 Responses to “Kenda Tires are RAD!”

  1. joe says:

    Good combo… Moe said he like the Telonics as well. I’l have to try that!

  2. Moe says:

    I ride the same combo except that I ride with a Telonix on the front. I have also heard good things about the Excavators, hard to find, kind of pricey…

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