Truvativ Holzfeller Stem Review

Let’s start this review of with some formalities. Truvativ did not pay me to write/publish this review.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get some history. I’m 32 years old, male (a sexy one), I ride XC, SS, and race Downhill. Out of the 3 mountain bikes that I ride consistently, 2 of them have short stubby stems like the Holzfeller. Why? It’s because I have short stubby arms. I don’t like leaning over too much, its tough on my stout frame and I don’t like the feeling that I am about to go over the bars.
truvativ holzfeller stem
The stem I tested was mounted on the KHS XCT 555 and mated with Truvativ Stylo 31.8 riser bar. I’ve ridden this bike, with the stem in various terrains and trails. The style of riding varied from XC, 4X and Downhill.

Item: TruVativ Holzfeller Stem


The TruVativ Holzfeller Stem is strong and durable stem that is constructed of forged AL-66 and is available in 40, 60 mm lengths.


* Forged AL-66 construction
* Weight: 209g (40mm)
* Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm
* Stem Length: 40mm & 60mm available
* Steerer Tube: 1-1/8″ Threadless

I went with a 60mm, though I would have preferred 40mm (but that’s all they had at the time). Not only does my body prefer shorter stems, but I find it easier to man handle the bike. It also helps me get further behind my saddle when riding through steep terrain.

Truvativ Hollzfeller in action

Upon receiving the stem, I mounted it on the KHS within the same day. After making sure I tightened all the bolts, I went out for a ride. The stem isn’t all that heavy, but I doubt any weight weenies will be buying this product anytime soon. However, with it’s stout, burly construction, you get a VERY strong and RELIABLE stem. Once I mounted the stem on the bike, I never had to mess with it ever again. In a sense I almost forgot that I had this thing on there. The bolts stayed tight, never did I labor to install any part of the product. In fact, the bolts come pregreased to assure it doesn’t seize up on you later on.

Getting behind the saddle on a technical section

This stem is great for getting the rider back behind the saddle when a technical area comes up. It’s also great for XC riding because you are riding in more of an upright position than you would with a traditional stem. This is great for my back and for longer rides. Here’s the best part about this stem, they’re fairly affordable. I found them online with prices that range from $35-$39.99.

So if you feel overly stretched out on your mountain bike, then get yourself a shorter stem, it may help out your aching back and can even help you tackle some of the more aggressive trails out there.

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