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Tour De Tryptophan, aka: 24 Hours of Fullerton

Posted by RL Policar On December - 2 - 2010

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For the last 7 years there’s been an underground event that occurs at the world famous Fullerton Loop. Though this event is more of a fund-raiser for various organizations, there’s still a desire for participants to ride as many laps as they can in a 24 hour period.

Mountain biking hall of famer and Public Relations Guru, Steve Boehmke is the event coordinator for Tour De Tryptophan (TDT). This year the money made from the event was going towards a little boy who is fighting cancer, Tyler Blick.

This would be the 3rd year we’ve participated in this event. With that in mind ,we gathered some of our friends to see if they’d like to join us.

Staging area. This parking lot eventually became full of riders.
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
The Moe making a rare appearance.
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
Steve decided to do something different this year…Le Mans start. That meant each rider had to leave their bike ahead of them, and when Steve said GO, they would have to run to their bikes and start riding.
Tour De Tryptophan 2010

Moe and I went on our first lap, a Special Edition-Relaxed Vibe Ride. Personally I was in no shape to do a fast pace, let alone multiple laps. So taking the easy pace was a welcomed gesture.
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
There’s The Moe!
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
Priscilla eventually caught up to us. It was beautiful SoCal day, cool breeze, sunny and clear skies.
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
The Moe once more!
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
After lap 1, we took a short break, and by that time it was getting a bit darker. That’s not a car you see, its either Khoa and Dan or someone else…
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
For my final lap, I decided to bust out the Soma Double Cross. Since its a lighter bike, it made my ride a bit easier.
Tour De Tryptophan 2010
By the time we called it quits, Priscilla, Khoa and I logged in 3 laps, about 33 miles for one day. Our buddy Dan Burdett did 4 laps, 44 miles on a single speed. From what I hear, the person who broke the previous record of 17 ( which was set by the same guy) rode a total of 18 laps, that’s 198 miles in a 24 hour period!

As cold as it got, and as much as our bodies ached during and after the ride, we had a BLAST! We’re definitely coming back next year, but we’re hoping one of us can afford to buy an RV or Trailer…cuz’ its freezing out there!

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