Super D-Southridge Race in Fontana, Ca.

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If you weren’t sure what Super D is, its basically a mix of XC and DH racing. The last Super D course was designed by Eric Carter (PRO Everything), which meant it was pretty challenging. In fact, some of us were talking and agreed that it was more difficult than the DH course.

I would like to give Priscilla props. She went down hard at the last part of the race. Donny Jackson (race organizer) was behind her on his Moto and when I got to her, he was already calling for a medic. This was pretty scary for me because she was sprawled out on the ground and her bike was somewhere else. I quickly asked her if she was ok, and had her try to move her feet, legs, fingers, hands, shoulders and neck. Even though she was in pain, she quickly said, “I’m ok, I’m going to finish it.” Donny and I helped her up, I grabbed her bike, and off she went to finish Super D. Cool thing about that, the people who gathered around, started applauding her as she rode away…man what a woman, I’m in love all over again!

RL Policar

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9 thoughts on “Super D-Southridge Race in Fontana, Ca.

  1. Thats a sick course. Hopefully i’ll be at the finals in 2 weeks weeks racing super d
    it will be my first race so it should be fun
    i can thank you guys for making me want do do it. this website and your youtube videos was the main reason i ever started riding

    ,thanks guys

  2. Chris,

    Glad to hear you’ll be racing. It certainly is a rush. If you do make it out, just look out for the MtnBikeRider jerseys and make sure you introduce yourself. I’m the good looking one out of the group so it would be easy to spot me.


  3. Great vid RL!
    Thanx for the props. I was super bummed but so glad nothing is broken. The thought of a DNF next to my name just killed me!!! I would have crawled to that finish line. hahaha.
    I’ll be back for more!
    Should I post pics of my boo boo?? It’s so ugly but I can’t stop lookin at it..kind like a train wreck..hahaha.

  4. Great video RL! Nice that you got all of the course! Lady P huge props to you to finish! I am glad you are OK and boo hoo’s will heal! You’re the true “CHAMP” for finishing the race! I do understand about those 3 little letters! HAHAH Glad you are OK and look forward to the next ADVENTURE!

  5. Is the course staying the same for the March 27 race? I wanted to race during January/ February, but I read a story somewhere that the beginning of the race is a somewhat large climb so I was discouraged from doing it…

  6. Unfortunately, this next race is much more likely to have large climbs. The March 27th race is actually organized/executed by Team Big Bear with support from SRC. This means that Team Big Bear has responsibility to layout the Super D course. Team Big Bear course are usually a lil more XC style with some climbing (compared to the recent Southridge Super-D race course designed by Eric Carter).

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