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Posted by Moe Ramirez On January - 20 - 20072 COMMENTS

I’m not a big fan of supplements, the truth being, I like the instant energy that Gu’s provide. Randy and RL swear by the supplements, Sure2Endure specifically, but I’d always been hesitant to try them.


I knew that Friday’s night ride was going to push my endurance levels and I decided to try some Sure2Endure caplets. I’m happy to report that I made it all the way thru the ride, even with Brian pushing the pace faster than I’m used to. I can really say that the supplements really helped me survive all the uphills without walking the bike. I can also say the Randy and RL were right, Sure2Endure kicks ass!!


Night Ride: Bryan, Moe & Jeremy

Posted by Jeremy Yang On January - 19 - 20071 COMMENT

Had a great night ride with Moe & Bryan on the Fullerton Loop. It was my first time riding at night and it was a blast!

I rode my Gary Fisher X-cal 29er. Moe rode his K2 with the Sweetskinz tires and Bryan rode a hardtail Diamondback that he built up himself.

Moe & Jeremy with the 29er

I got to rock the new Optic Nerve ( Savant glasses too. I used the clear lens and I have to say that worked great. Most times I forgot I had them on.

Below is a picture me & Bryan with the glasses still on. By the way, Bryan has never ridden the 29er so he took mine for a quick parking lot spin. He’s considering building up a single speed and I told him that the 29er is the way to go.

Bryan & Jeremy (Moe's K2 w/Sweetskinz in the Background)

If you look carefully, you can see the Sweetskinz ( on the K2 in the background. The reflective parts of the tires look pretty cool.

We didn’t get any pictures while out on the trail mainly because Moe & I were huffing along trying to keep up with Bryan, the machine. He’s a machine because he can climb the hills as if he were doing the flats. Ridiculous power to weight ratio.

Lastly, got to thank RL for the Cygolite LED ( he let me borrow. The light was a handlebar mount (which has its positivies & negatives compared to a helmet light). The LED was surprisingly bright, very light & best of all, it didn’t fail me all night. Thanks RL.

New Partner: KMX Karts-XClass

Posted by RL Policar On January - 19 - 20071 COMMENT

I just picked up a KMX X Class Sports Trike to test and review.

Here are the specs:

24-speed Adult Sports Trike with all-terrain wheels & tires

A Quality New Adult Sports Trike At An Amazing Price

The X Class Features

* Award winning Winzip disk brakes on all 3 wheels
* Balanced front brakes from a single brake lever
* Park brake on rear wheel which also allows for easy upright storage
* Radical sports seat design, allowing for greater range of upper body movement for off road riding
* Ackerman and Center point Steering
* Frame is Powder coated Hi Carbon Steel Box with Aluminum front boom
* SRAM 4.0 rear Derailleur
* Shimano Altus front Derailleur

So you’re probably wondering what does a trike recumbent have to do with mountain biking? Well, we wanted to see how well the KMX does on off-road conditions. We’ll be testing out a whole series of KMX Karts in the next few months. In the mean time, check out for more info.


First Impressions: Optic Nerve Savant

Posted by Jeremy Yang On January - 18 - 20074 COMMENTS

Optic Nerve,, sent us some eyewear. I’m going to be testing out Optic Nerve’s Savant Fade Carbon. You can find it on their website under the “Collection 2007″ and then from the menu on the left select “Interchangeable”. Savant is on the first row, middle.

First impression is that they look sweet! Great stiff case, the fade carbon is a very nice color & I can easily determine which lenses are for the right/left, plus they MSRP for just $59.

Here is a picture of the cool case that it comes in.

And what you get when you open the case.

The contents laid bare.

The Savant comes with 4 interchangeable lens: dark smoke, copper, high definition orange and clear. The blue cloth is very soft while the case is stiff on the outside and soft on the inside.

Here’s a picture of me sporting the eyewear.

I’ll have my review of them up in a bit. In the meantime, check out the specs at Optic Nerve or if the links don’t work,

First Impression: Loeka Mountain Biking Clothing for Women

Posted by Priscilla Policar On January - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

The Chocolate Bar long sleeve jersey(“THE ONLY TOP YOU WANT TO LEAVE ON”) and the Tech Riding shorts-Ice Blue.(“THE ONLY THING YOU WANT TOUCHING YOUR ASS”)

First impression: Wow! To see them at Interbike or on their website is one thing but to put them on…now that was something else. So incredibly comfortable! I love that Loeka caters especially to women. We all have to agree that we need more of this.

Loeka offers a fun and flirty style, perfect for any female rider.

The inside of the Tech Shorts are lined with lycra, making the comfort level of these shorts amazing.

The Chocolate Bar long sleeve jersey feels really soft and comfortable.

Check out the pretty flower design on my shoulder.

A more thorough review will follow in a couple more weeks after I get a little more wear out of these. I will also be reviewing their Hot Chocolate Hoodie. For more information about the Chocolate Bar or the Tech Riding shorts, visit


Product Review: Cycletote-Touring/Cargo/Utility Trailer

Posted by RL Policar On January - 18 - 20071 COMMENT

Product: Cycletote Touring Trailer

The Touring Model will carry most anything including your cross country gear, groceries, tools, and a bale of hay. It offers extremely low wind and rolling resistance, has greater weight and volume capacity and does not present the balancing problems of a one-wheeler in high winds or during slow climbs. If you need even more capacity, we offer longer versions using the Special Needs frames and a taller version, the Covered Wagon, which can be purchased with the Touring Model as a “Combo”. This lets you switch back and forth as your needs dictate.
The trailer sticks out about 2 – 2 1/2 inches beyond average handle bars. It rides quite nicely on the edge of narrow highways, even when the right wheel at times drops down over the shoulder. Passing auto traffic usually give you a much wider berth than they would without the trailer.

Testing Grounds: Fullerton Loop, and the Streets of Fullerton California.

Price: $380

Testing Procedure:

I tested the Cycletote through the trail system near my home in Fullerton Ca. Since the stock tires were slicks, I enlisted the help of Sweetskinz tires for the off-road abilities and its reflective properties.

I installed the Cycletote onto the Ibex B-Series bike. I loaded the trailer up on its first street test. The trailer was smooth and very responsive to my bike. The linkage on seat post attachment is limitless.

Even when it was loaded with cargo, It still felt light to tow.

The Cycletote is made of aluminum making it very light and nimble. It even came with a rear blinking reflector and a bright orange flag.

The off-road test for the trailer really showcased the high quality material and workmanship that went into this trailer. Over and over again I kept clipping logs, hitting rocks and the Cycletote kept rolling. I did manage to flip it during an test ride with an empty trailer.

Watch the Cycletote in action…yeah I flipped it…but no damage!

This trailer is surprisingly durable. I expected the aluminum to dent, buckle or break during the off-road test. But to my delight, the trailer held up well. The best part of this trailer is the quick and easy installation and removal of the unit. Once you have the main hitch installed on your seat post, attaching the trailer literally takes seconds.

The stopping power of my bike was affected with a full load. But that will happen with any trailer. If you plan on using the Cycletote to do some camping or long distance riding, I would recommend you get the optional braking system that can attach to your trailer.

All Cycletote trailers are hand made in USA. Fort Collins, Colorado.

None. The trailer is very durable, it held together as is the thing was made out of steel.

I would highly recommend this trailer to folks that want to use it for camping, going to the grocery store or just for hauling stuff around. It’s pretty stable and affordable. The trailer is also perfect for hauling around picnic supplies or your toys to the local park. The Cycletote will make your bike just as practical as having a car. But with it, you can save money and find a great parking spot all the time.

Not Available in Bike Shops or Stores. Each of our trailers is hand crafted at our Colorado factory and delivered directly to you with a no-nonsense 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty, and follow up service that is second to none.


Woodstock 707 Prototype: Jimmy Loves It!

Posted by RL Policar On January - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Jimmy Rigsby, owner of Woodstock Bikes sent me a report on how well the Woodstock 707 is doing.

I have been riding the prototype 707 very hard now for 4 months and I have to say that I am very impressed with it. I didn’t know what I was missing with a front suspension bike until rode the Woodstock 707 full suspension model! Smoooooth, is what first comes to mind! The four bar rear suspension frame really is an awesome ride. And I have also been very pleased with the durability of this bike. I have been riding this bike very hard (average 4 to 5 rides per week at 10 miles each) and it has held up fantastically. As hard as I have been riding it, I keep expecting to get a wheel a little out of true, or to have to replace the cable housings, or the chain or something. But I have only had to make some minor adjustments to the cable tension using the barrel adjusters on the shifters and the brake levers. I haven’t even had a flat tire yet! The only negative I found with the prototype was that I felt the front fork spring was a little soft, so we changed the specs and upgraded the spring from “standard� to “firm� and now I can honestly tell you I cannot find a negative about this bike. The bike is a little bit heavier (about 3 pounds), but I can’t tell the difference when I am riding! It just feels like my good ole 505 with a much smoother ride!


Sweetskinz Prototype Tires Installed

Posted by RL Policar On January - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Sweetskinz, or what we like to call them, “The Coolest Bicycle Tire Company,” recently sent us prototype tires to give them a whirl around the trails and provide them feedback on how they look and feel.

I installed the Scorch tires onto the Ibex B-Series bike and found that the color scheme was a perfect match for the frame.

I love the flame patterns on it. Kinda makes me feel like I’m going faster than I am.

Moe also installed the Nightwing prototypes on his K2 Lithium.

Here’s the night shot, see how it reflects! I love how the tires perfectly matches the bikes color scheme.

These folding tires we have contain higher quality rubber, the casing is 72 threads per inch (TPI) instead of 22TPI (like on inexpensive tires) and the bead material is an aramid fiber (like Kevlar) not a couple strands of wire. Basically if you were to shop around for a high end cross country tire, then these puppies would be right up there with the $50-60 tires like the Michillen’s or Continetals.

We have a saying for Sweetskinz tires, “The Cure for the Common Bike Snob”. They definitely grab people’s attention with their bright colors and reflective properties.

We’ll be doing more tests on these tires to see how well they handle various riding conditions such as rock, gravel, packed dirt, pavement and many more!


Contest Time! Active Tunes: i-Ride

Posted by RL Policar On January - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

We’re giving away a pretty schnazzy device called the i-Ride by Active Tunes. Just plug your mp3 player to it and listen to your favorite songs while riding.

All you have to do is answer this simple questions….

What is the name of the mountain range through which the i-RIDE was ridden to the highest altitude?

Simply send your answers HERE, with a subject title of: Active Tunes is Bumpin’!

Contest ends on 01/24/2007


Very Important Cold Weather Tip

Posted by RL Policar On January - 18 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Rather than having this posted on the left column for Tip of the Day by RPM Cyclery, I figured this needed more attention.

Clothing For Cold Weather Cycling – The key to enjoying cold-weather cycling is dressing in layers, a technique that makes it easy to adjust to changes in weather, temperature and wind direction simply by stripping or adding some clothing. Start with a moisture-moving base layer that pulls perspiration away from your skin to keep you dry and warm. Add a long-sleeve jersey to this (what weight to wear depends on the temperature) and top these layers off with a light vest or jacket that can easily be stuffed into a jersey pocket if you warm up.

Never make the mistake of riding only in shorts. Sure, your legs are doing a lot of work. But that frigid wind will chill your knees, thighs and ligaments quickly, which slows blood flow and may cause injury. A good rule is to protect your legs whenever it’s 60 degrees or colder. Knee and leg warmers are handy because they’re easy to put on, take off and carry. Knickers offer knee warmth and look cool. As the mercury drops though, consider full tights for optimum warmth. Please contact us for more specific recommendations. We’re here to help.


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