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Woodstock Bikes Is Starting To Ship Today!

Posted by RL Policar On February - 1 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

The long awaited ship day is finally here! Woodstock Bikes has kept the whole industry in suspense with their release of the new 505 and 707 models.

Now it’s finally here! So that means for those of you that placed your early bird orders for either the 505 or the 707, your bikes are being shipped today and tomorrow. This is a very exciting time for Woodstock Bikes since they took 2006 off to get ramped up for the 2007 season.


MTB beginnings

Posted by Moe Ramirez On January - 31 - 20072 COMMENTS

The Crew
Moe, Ben and Mike
The Crew
RL, Ben and Mike

Check out the date on those pics. October 2003. That’s how long I’ve been riding recreational mountain biking, that’s also how long I’ve known RL. I always heard of ‘The Fullerton Loop’, but there were no maps, no trail signs, nothing. One day as I was going thru the forums, some dude posted that they would show the Fullerton Loop to anyone riding at a leisure pace. I replied that I was interested. My buddy and I met RL and his buddies at the courthouse, we did the 12 mile loop. We also kept coming back whenever they invited us, it takes time to learn the ‘Fully Loop”.

Aerial View of the Loop
Aerial View of the Fullerton Loop

RL has become my very good friend and I have Mountain Biking to thank for that. We would like to extend the same invitation to anyone that wants to ride the Fullerton Loop at a ‘beginners’ pace, we don’t drop anyone, don’t have a bike? We lend you one. Want to ride with ladies only? No Problem.

Just send us an email if you are interested in riding with us.


Beer Me!

Posted by RL Policar On January - 31 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

If you’re working on your bike and you feel like drinking a cold one but don’t have a bottle opener, just use your rear dropout!

Just make sure you’re rear wheel is off, and pop the cap.

Here’s a closer look. You can see that the leverage is perfect for opening beer bottles.


A Bicycle Made For Two…

Posted by RL Policar On January - 31 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

RPM Cyclery of Lake Elsinore Ca. has a killer deal on a Torker Bermuda Tandem bike. This beauty is only $399!

Feel free to call them. Scott Finch will totally hook you up. By the way if you mention the secret discount code….�RL is super cool!� you can get additional discounts on your purchase!

31401 Riverside Dr. (Hwy74), Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Phone: 951-674-2453
T-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5


Did you get it???

Posted by Moe Ramirez On January - 31 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Our first newsletter was sent out to our email list subscribers. The Newsletter is packed with all the month’s information, articles, how tos and of course, The Dirt Princess Trail. If you subscribed to our newsletter but didn’t get it, check your bulk folder and add us to your ‘non-spam’ list. What is the biggest benefit of subscribing to our email list? Well, is our ‘Email List Only’ contest!!! If you haven’t subscribed, click here! We promise we won’t misuse your email information, we hate spammers too!


Another Hard Day In the Office

Posted by RL Policar On January - 31 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Being the Editor of, it’s my duty to test products to their fullest potential. Last week I tested the Gary Fisher Cobia at a trail called Aliso Woods. Today I made sure I tested out more of the off-road capabilities of the KMX X-Class.

Here’s a few shots of the ride.

This is me with the KMX X-Class right by a stream. But you can’t see the water…so I’m not so sure why I even mentioned it?

Here’s a shot of me coming down a small embankment.

Man I simply love the KMX! I can’t get enough of it. I keep telling people how exhilarating it is to ride.

Tell ya what, if you’re in the Fullerton area and you weigh around 245 lbs, you can try it off-road but if you are a big boy weighing in at 275lbs, then we’d better stick to the pavement. If you’re interested in testing this puppy out, let me know, email me and I can arrange a time for you to putt around with it. Don’t worry, I don’t work for KMX, I just love this thing!


Mountain Biking To Work

Posted by RL Policar On January - 31 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Priscilla decided to ride her Ibex Trohpy to work today. She’s sporting her new Nike Mountain Bike Shoes along with her Nerve Optics Fuse Box Glasses. Check out her seat. It’s a Terry Bicycles Donna Buttery Fly seat. Oh yeah, you can’t forget about the custom made messenger bag designed and hand crafted by our very own, Randy.

Oh I almost forgot she’s testing out the Hot Chocolate Hoodie from Loeka. Mmm…Hot Chocolate…I might just run over to Starbucks and get me some!


No more junk in my trunk contest

Posted by Lady P On January - 30 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Ok guys and gals. Here are the details for weight loss competition!! Woo hoo!

*The duration will be 8 weeks long. So don’t join if you can’t hang! Official start date will be Feb 5th. I thought I’d be nice and wait until after Superbowl. You’re welcome! :)

* To participate you will need to send in a photo of yourself (please feature the date in your pic i.e date on newspaper or something like that). We will be posting these pics and your stats on the site. You will also need to have your body fat % measured and your starting weight. Anyone at any local gym can do this for you. Please email this information in.

* You will need to sign a waiver/release form so you don’t sue our butts if something goes wrong. Email us for it.

* We ask that you incorporate biking somehow into your exercise regimen. Not required but encouraged. This is a biking website you know.

* We will be posting weekly updates with everyones stats.

* At the end of 8 weeks the person with the highest % of body fat loss will be the wiener!

* And of course we need a little wager to make this even better. So we thought the easiest wager would be a little cash. If there are participants outside of the US then we’ll have to deal with that when we come to it. I think $20 per person is fair. Just enough to hurt. You’ll need to mail this upfront and then we’ll mail it all to the wiener shortly following the 8th week. And when I WIN I am going to buy myself some new gear!!!!!!

So that’s the gist of it. It should be a ton of fun!!! Looking forward to giving you a run for your money! I was going to say ride but it sounded a little obscene. Please email us by the 4th if you are going to participate. Thanks!


Fullerton Loop Easy Route

Posted by Jeremy Yang On January - 30 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

A small group of us went mountain biking on the Fullerton Loop this past Saturday. We came up with an easy route because one of the guys was a newbie who has never ridden mountain before and I had a minor injury.

Luckily, the Fullerton Loop is conducive to creating new routes because it’s in the middle of a city. The advantage is that you can jump off the loop at certain points to miss harder parts (ie. climbs) ride on paved roads and catch up with the loop at other points. We were able to do this a couple of times to make most of our route flat, with a couple of small uphills.

For those of you who know the loop, we started from the courthouse and rode San Juanita Cooke (SJC) trail to Hiltscher Trail. We rode down Hiltscher until we hit Euclid Street. We then turned around and rode back up Hiltscher trail to SJC trail. We took SJC, using Morella Avenue, to ride to Laguna Lake. After a quick lap around the lake, we took SJC trail to the railroad tracks. We finished off the ride by riding the golf course area into the dam area and then using Harbor Blvd to get back to the courthouse.

Am I the only one crazy enough to “easify” my favorite local trail just so I can ride with a minor injury? And if you’ve done the same, which one have you “easified” so that I can ride?


Pimp My Ride: KMX Style

Posted by RL Policar On January - 29 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

I decided to pimp out my favorite three wheeled vehicle, the KMX Kart: X-Class with some accessories to make my ride even better.

First I mounted the Active Tunes i-Ride

Attached a Garmin Rhino 120 GPS/Radio, that way I can’t get lost and call for help at the same time!

Mounted the Fossil Fool Down Low Glow Neon Kit

Attached a 12 Watt Dual Beam Halogen Cygolite Rover on the bottom bracket

Mounted the batteries under the seat

Here’s how it looks with the neon in the dark

Last but not least, a DVD player…

Now I’m ready to cruise the streets and trail in style!


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