The Bullit Is Back

Courtesy of Dirt Rag Magazine.

The Bullit may have disappeared from the Santa Cruz lineup for a few years, however the reports of its demise were premature. The rugged single-pivot Bullit is returning to the 2007 Santa Cruz lineup, and will be appearing on showroom floors by mid-April.

When I asked Santa Cruz to sum up the essence of the Bullit in a single sentence, they told me: “The new Bullit combines a durable, reliable single pivot design with high performance handling and enough versatility to serve as anything from a big-terrain trail bike to an aggressive freeride platform.”

If you’re the type that prefers cold hard tech, be advised that the Bullit’s redesigned front triangle uses custom drawn double-butted aluminum tubes, and its new, stiffer swingarm pivots on a stout 20mm axle riding on oversized bearings that come with a lifetime guarantee. The Bullit delivers over 7-inches of rear wheel travel, fits 8-inch rear brake rotors and has the ability to run either standard 135mm rear dropouts or 150mm through-axle dropouts (which accommodates an optional floating rear brake kit). With the 1.5″ headtube and gusseted top and down tubes, Santa Cruz says “you’re welcome to run whatever the hell kind of fork you want up front.” MSRP for the Bullit is $1199 with powder coat paint and DHX3 coil shock, or $1350 with anodized finish and DHX3 coil shock. Complete bikes will also be available, via Santa Cruz’s online bike builder system.

RL Policar

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