Top 3 New Years Resolution

According to About Pittsburgh PA News Letter the Top 3 New Years resolutions are:
• Spend More Time With Family & Friends
• Fit In Fitness
• Tame The Bulge

You could easily take care of all three in one shot. Go out and ride a bike. Even better GO MOUNTAIN BIKING!!!

When you go for a ride, try to go out with your better half, your kids, or even a couple of your buddies. Not only would you have a blast, but you get to share this experience with the people you care about the most.

Fit In Fitness… This is a no brainer. The more you ride the more physically fit you become. Of course a proper diet is in order. You can’t just eat up the whole buffet line just because you stayed the night at a Holiday Inn and decided to got ride a bike.

Tame The Bulge. I haven’t met anyone who would say that they prefer to be pudgy than trim. For those beer drinkers like me, we tend to carry a bit of a party ball around our waist. No worries, this too can be solved by getting on your bike. (You actually have to go out and ride it) I’ve been commuting by bike for over a year now, and I must say that I’ve lost quite a few pounds. Most of all, my wife Soraya just loves my buns of steel!

Need I say more?!