How To Make Your Own Helmet Cam-Mount

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to get a helmet cam. But dude, those things are way too expensive for my budget. So I decided to make my own by using my current digital camera and about $1.97 in parts from Wally World.

I bought 1/4″-20 x2″ machine screws, 3/8×1-1/2″ fender washers for less than $2.00 at Walmart. Got an old bottle cap, box cutter, felt furniture pads (I had those in the junk drawer), pair of pliers, and my skater-style helmet.

First I took the felt pads and cut some holes into them by using my box cutter. Then I placed them onto the washers.

I removed the top padding of my helmet and inserted the screw and washer into the vent.

I placed another felt covered washer on the other side of the helmet and tightened 2 nuts in. I had already made some cuts to the bottle cap. If you have a drill bit, just make a 1/4″ hole on the cap.

Placed the cap on the screw.

And…Voila! You’re ready to roll! I placed my kid’s digi cam to show you how it mounts.

Just make sure you put back your padding, or else that screw will be very uncomfortable.

So this is how it looks when you put the helmet on.

Heck you could even use HandyCam on it.

Side profile…

So I’m going to play around with my new Helmet-Cam while I ride the KMX Kart.

RL Policar

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