MTB beginnings

The Crew
Moe, Ben and Mike
The Crew
RL, Ben and Mike

Check out the date on those pics. October 2003. That’s how long I’ve been riding recreational mountain biking, that’s also how long I’ve known RL. I always heard of ‘The Fullerton Loop’, but there were no maps, no trail signs, nothing. One day as I was going thru the forums, some dude posted that they would show the Fullerton Loop to anyone riding at a leisure pace. I replied that I was interested. My buddy and I met RL and his buddies at the courthouse, we did the 12 mile loop. We also kept coming back whenever they invited us, it takes time to learn the ‘Fully Loop”.

Aerial View of the Loop
Aerial View of the Fullerton Loop

RL has become my very good friend and I have Mountain Biking to thank for that. We would like to extend the same invitation to anyone that wants to ride the Fullerton Loop at a ‘beginners’ pace, we don’t drop anyone, don’t have a bike? We lend you one. Want to ride with ladies only? No Problem.

Just send us an email if you are interested in riding with us.