Woodstock 707 Moe’s update

Woodstock 707

I’ve ridden the Woodstock 707 a couple of more times. I’ve adjusted the handlebars and the rear shock to my liking. Unfortunately, the Manitou Axel fork does not have an air adjustment so I played around with the rebound. I really like the geometry of the bike, it climbs great and descends with confidence. I’m hoping that once the fork is ‘broken in’, it will become less stiff. Part of my wishlist for this bike is for Woodstock to offer fork options at the time of purchase.

When I ride new bikes, I’m always rating their fun factor. The Woodstock has a high score in my fun factor score card. Not quite an XC bike not quite an All-Mountain Bike, but a very solid recreational all-around bike. The Woodstock 707 is well spec’d and with minor upgrades it can challenge the top of the line bikes in it’s category. For under a grand, this bike is a terrific value.

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