Increase Reba 29er Travel from 80mm to 100mm

Jax Bicycle Center in Fullerton helped put together a picture tutorial on how to increase the travel on a Rock Shox Reba fork from from 80mm to 100mm by removing the internal spacer.

Wayne Kudol has performed this procedure many times over so he is extensively familiar with the ins and outs of this process. He used my Gary Fisher X-Caliber Reba SL (score!) as the subject.

Reba set to 80mm travel

First thing you have to do is to let all of the positive and negative air out of both the chambers.

Next, you unscrew the Positive Air Valve, Negative Air Valve (right side). Be careful as you unscrew the Negative Air Valve as oil will leak out. Have a drip pan ready.

Unscrew the colorful Rebound adjuster on the bottom of the other leg (left side).

Slide the magnesium lowers off the bottom of the fork to expose the sliders and internals of the fork. This may take some finessing, with a mallet.

Remove the C-ring from the bottom of the right side slider.

Then gently remove the Dual Air Piston from the right slider (also may require some finessing) to expose the spacer, black “c� shaped plastic piece near the top of the Dual Air Piston.

Remove spacer to go from 80mm to 100mm.

Pour some Rock Shox Red Rum over the rings of the Dual Air Pistons.

Reinstall the Dual Air Pistons by sliding them back up the right side.

Replace the C ring on the same right side making sure the gap on the C ring nestles the little dent. It doesn’t matter which way the dent is facing.

Check out your magnesium lowers from the top. Clean out any loose dirt/sand that may have gotten in there.

Add a small amount of Red Rum to the magnesium lowers from the top and apply them (with your finger) around the inside of the seal.

Slide magnesium lowers back up the sliders.

Add a very small amount of fork oil to the right leg from the crown.

Red Rum the cap for the Positive Air Valve and replace the cap. Torque to a snug fit, but not too tightly.

Install the lower nut and again, torque snugly, not tight.

Inflate both chambers to desired PSI.

Install covers and clean the fork with Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean rag. If you want the royal treatment for your fork, apply some Finish Line Stanchion lube.

Attach a zip tie to the fork. Hop on the bike, ride it around the neighborhood, place a lot of weight onto the fork to simulate trail conditions. Measure the travel.

Thanks Wayne for all your help. Thanks Scott for showing off your Salsa Dos Niner. Now get out of the picture!

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  1. Angus, I’m sorry but the hacker who attacked our site about a 1.5 years ago deleted all the pictures from back when this was written. We were only able to recover the text from those posts. Thanks for visiting the site.

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