Product Review: Fox Fury Performance Bike System

Product Tested: Fox FuryPerformance Bike System

fox fury

$119.99 (USD)

Fox Fury mounted on the handle bar.


Light Emissions

* Candle Power = 640
* Lumen = 51.0
* Field of Vision = 45°
* Lighting = Photopic
* Distance Vision = 120 – 150 ft (36 – 45 m)
* Peripheral Vision = 60 ft (18 m)


* Tilt = Yes (90°)
* Handheld = Optional
* Number of LEDs = 24
* LED Colors = All White
* Tap Switch = Yes
* Handlebar Mount = Yes
* Recommended Speeds: up To 25 mph (40 km/hr)


* Waterproof = Yes (20 ft / 6 m)
* Fire Resistant = No
* Impact Resistant = Yes


* Number of Modes = None (All On)

Physical Characteristics

* Weight = 13.4 oz (395 g)
o Headband = 3.4 oz (97 g)
o Handle Bar Mount = 3.3 oz (108 g)
o Battery Pack (with Batteries) = 6.7 oz (190 g)
* Dimensions = 5.5″ x 1.0″ x 1.1″ (14.0 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.8 cm)
* Housing Material = Polycarbonate
* Wiring = PVC Jacketed Cable
* Strap = Elastic


* Size / Type = 4 AA (Batteries Not Included)
* Battery Life
o Full Power = 6 – 8 hours
o Reserve = 12 hours
* Remotable Battery Pack = Yes


* 12 Months

Here’s the company bio:

FoxFury creates lighting solutions to address specific needs. An early Surfing Light effort has turned into a wide array of Professional and Recreational products.

Our approach is unique in that: “We truly care about your opinion�, and use it to design better products for you to enjoy.

FoxFury’s patented Peripheral Vision and Photopic Lighting have resulted in products that make work and play safer and more enjoyable.

You can wear the headlight itself or mount it to your helmet. I usually place the battery in my hydration pack.

First Impression:
Wow this light is bright! With 24 leds it better be, right! The LED portion of the lights isn’t heavy at all. Fox Fury gives you two options to mount this light. Either on your head or on the handle bar. Most of the times I rode with it I wore it on my helmet or on my forehead. Only bad part about wearing it on my forehead is when I started getting sweaty. The foam padding, though comfortable before the ride, started to get itchy.

If you are to wear the light on your helmet, I’d advice using a skater helmet. The light straps on to your lid much like a pair of goggles and the round shape of the skater helmet is ideal for mounting the unit.


What I liked:
The Fox Fury light had a broad light range. Basically I had about 180 degrees of visibility on the trail. I was able to tilt the light down if needed. I used regular 4 AA batteries and they were stored in a durable plastic, water proof casing. Yeah that’s right this thing is water proof! You can take this thing down 20ft.

The 24 LEDs worked every time I rode with them. I even dropped the unit by accident and no harm came about. Its actually an affordable LED light. You can easily find the Performance Bike System for as low as $89 on the Internet.

Another cool thing about this light is you can use it for household projects. You can easily mount it on your forehead if you need a flash light. Or you can even use it when you’re working on the car! Heck, I actually keep this light set in the trunk or my car just in case I need it for an emergency.

What I didn’t like
Even though the LED is mega bright, the light that it emits isn’t focused. Meaning that when you turn it on, about 12 feet in front of you is lit up, but not as bight as it would be if you had a single LED lamp with optics on it. However, the light is perfect for commuting because the wide LED bar grabs people’s attention. That’s good especially if you’re out on the street.

Another issue I had was the handle bar mount. It wasn’t as secure as I would have hoped. The part of the mount that grabs onto the battery pack didn’t hold it down securely enough. On my first ride, I hit a bump on the trail and when I landed the battery pack fell off the mount. But mind you, the LED bar was still mounted.

The Fox Fury Performance Bike System is a great deal if you’re looking for an LED light set. It does light up the ground rather well. You have 2 options to mount it, handle bar, helmet. Not only can you use this light for mountain biking but you could also use it for commuting.

The burn time states is at 6 hours, and I believe it! I charged my batteries once and have had at least that many hours or riding time before my next charge. The remote battery pack is perfect for placing it in your hydration pack or if you wanted, you could easily strap it to your frame. The batter is not heavy like other battery packs that I’ve seen.

The light is great for those easy, casual night rides on the trails. If you already have a headlight, the Fox Fury would be a great addition as a helmet light or as a back up.


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