RL Challenges The Fezzari Tutorial

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I decided to challenge the Fezzari tutorial on adjusting the rear derailleur.

I figured that I’ll see if their technique is better than mine or if they are similar at all.

So what I did was tune the rear derailleur of the Fezzari Alta Peak with my technique, and of course that worked just beautifully.

Fezzari’s techniques is a bit different from mine, but I decided to try it to see how easy it was.

Well the difference between my way and their way is the fact that you use my way when you need to fine tune your derailleur and you have some time. The Fezzari Quick Tune approach is perfect if you’re on a ride and your shifting isn’t that great. The Fezzari way works just great, but knowing both techniques ensures that you’ll be trouble free!

RL Policar

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