Guess Who We Ran Into at Sea Otter?

We were walking by the Gary Fisher booth and I noticed a man that resembled the one and only Gary Fisher. So I asked if he was him and sure enough it was! I introduced myself and told him about MtnBikeRiders and BikeCommuters. He was really intrigued about BikeCommuters and talked about how people are getting fed up with driving. He also mentioned how the whole industry is starting to realize that there’s a need for commuter specific bikes. So I said…”Amen to that Brother!”

Here’s a pic of me and Mr. Gary Fisher.

Then Jeremy and Mr. Fisher started talking shop about fork off-sets and stuff…

Gary Fisher is a super cool guy, very down to earth and easy to talk to. I just wished we had more time to chat, but he was on his way out to lead a group ride.

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