Ultimated All Mountain Bike Build: Headset Installed

We recently received a new headset for our project bike from IRD also known as Interloc Racing Design.

They sent us the Techo-Glide headset to be used on the AM2000.

So I spent the morning installing this bad boy. First things first, I greased up the inside of the head tube.

Greased the lower cup.

Pressed it in. I like to press them one at a time.

I greased the top cup and making sure I line it up where the logo is facing forward….then press!

I forgot to take an “after” photo where it shows the completed headset. The Techno-Glide looks just like the Chris King headset…but half the price!

Now we just have to install the Spinner Fork and the Hayes El Camino brakes and we’re half way done with our project!

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