KHS XC204 First Impression

KHS XC 204

Yesterday I had the chance to take the KHS XC204 on the Fullerton Loop. Man, I was blown away! Although I’m not a fan of the SRAM stuff, the SX5 and the X7 derailleurs switched gears with fast precision. The front and rear suspension worked great, I need to tweak the RockShox Dart 2 fork, it was a little too bouncy. I was really impressed with the Hayes MX4 brakes, they exhibited little fade and I was able to slow down the bike without losing control. The Kenda Nevegals are an excellent choice for this bike, they gripped on the turns, and hooked on the uphills. I also rode through a sandy patch with little wiggle.

The bike climbs rather well, although I lifted the front tire on the steepest sections of a climb, the rear stayed planted and I never lost traction.

It’s always fun when you go downhill, its even more fun when you don’t really have to worry about picking the best line. I leaned back and did not worry much about ruts and the water retention logs, the XC204 performed magnificently on the descents.

I’ll be testing this bike on other trails other than the Fully Loop, stay tuned for the updates.