Working Overtime

Since all of us are employed full time and have families of two kids or more, it is not often that we all get together for a ride. This Saturday was the exception, Jeremy, RL, Priscilla and I all got together and headed down to Aliso Woods for an early morning ride.

So here’s our ride report:

Moe in Aliso
Man it was harsh waking up at 5:30am, but it has been years since I’ve been to Aliso Woods and I couldn’t pass up the chance to put the KHS XC204 through something harsher than the Fullerton Loop. My legs got tested right away as we turned onto Cholla, that Evomo Shirt of the dude puking was on my mind most of the time. The next test was Rock It, I didn’t stop at the top, I just kept going. All four of inches of travel were pushed to their limit but the XC204 passed with flying colors. The bike was a blast to ride, but what made it sweeter is riding with my fellow Mountain Bike Riders!

I had sooo much fun this past saturday. I haven’t been to Aliso Woods in about two years so I was so excited to hit those trails with the boys. There’s nothing more fun then great trails with good friends. I loved the single track out there, and the scenery was amazing! Cholla kicked my butt! That’s a rough way to start a ride, but the descents and the view made it all worth it! It was great having all the gang together too..lots of laughs. Thanks for the good times guys! We’ve got to do it again soon! You guys rock! 😀

I want to just echo what a fun time I had riding with everybody. Riding with some good friends beats riding alone any day. The great thing about Aliso is there is a little bit of everything for everone. Want a fast/rocky downhill? Rock-It (RL & Moe’s favorite). Want singletrack? Coyote Run (Priscilla & me) Want a technical uphill? Cholla (ok, no-one likes technical uphill, but you get what I’m saying, right?). I’m definitely a singletrack guy so my favorite is Coyote Run. I’ll do the climbs. I’ll do the descents. But to get my juices going and to get the 29er in it’s element, give me singletrack that goes on and on.

RL “Sho-Nuff” Policar

“Who’s da Masta?!” “Sho-Nuff!” Sorry I got caught up in a Bruce Leroy moment. Anyhow, I stinkin’ love Aliso Woods. My favorite part was riding down Rock-It. Some folks like to ride down the right side of the trail, on that day I chose to go down right down the middle. The middle section is the most technical portion of this rock garden. But I was pretty confident on my Woodstock 707 and knew that the bike could handle it. So away I went and had tons of fun!

Then we hit this trail called Coyote Run…nice flowing single track…a bit too short, but still wonderful. Coyote Run is kinda like a good smooth chocolate truffle…not quite as big as a Hershey bar, but definitely enough flavor to last you a while.

Oh by the way, here are more action shots of the Woodstock 707, click HERE, and HERE

I’d like to thank Jeremy for taking some professional quality photos. The boy has skillz!