Cycle Simplex Tandem Roof Rack-First Impression

Our friends from Cycle Simplex sent us a tandem roof rack to hold my KHS Alite safely while I’m driving down the freeway.

This rack is no joke, heavy duty materials, powder coated, and its easy to use. Another great feature this rack offers is the ability to carry two bikes. Yes it can hold your tandem, but it also can hold an additional, normal sized bike right next to it. Sweet eh?

The rack holds your bike down by its cranks. Here, check out the picture below.

Once you have the bike secured onto the Cycle Simplex Rack, it’s not going anywhere!

Here’s another shot of how the bike is secured by hooking the crank arm.

Cycle Simplex offers a wide range of racks that start as low as $164. The model you see here only costs $269.00 and all of their racks can fit on factory roof racks as well as Yakima and Thule. Personally I use a Thule.

I’ll be testing this rack and reporting on it in the near future.
For more information, visit their website by clicking below
CycleSimplex-Bike racks for Recumbent, Tandem, Adult Trike and Regular Bikes

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