Ultimate AM Spotlight: Vuelta Wheels

Vuelta USA provided the wheels for our Ultimate All-Mountain Project. These wheels have made more than a few heads turn. Check out the bladed spokes and their pattern, quite unique for an All-Mountain setup.

The wheels have proven to be quite durable so far, they have endured 1 crash and a few jumps. I’m also happy to report that I have not experienced one flat.

Here are the specs on the wheels:
Rims: Vuelta Alloy 25mm Profile
Front Hub: Shimano M495 Deore
Rear Hub: Shimano M495 Deore
Cassette Body: Shimano
Spokes: Alpina Alloy CNC Black
Spoke Count: Front: 20 Rear: 20
Tires: Michelin X Comp
Weight: Front: 750g Rear: 980g

Yeah, you read it right, 750g for the front and 980g for the rear. Not your lightest wheelset, but definitely not heavy at all for an all-mountain setup.

I’ve seen these wheels sell from $179 – $259, not a bad price considering that you get Wheels, tubes and tires. Do I recommend them? Hell ya, in fact, I liked these wheels so much that I bought me a set for my XC Racing machine!!!

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  1. Where can I purchase these bladed rims for a mountain bike for $179-$259? Can you get back to me ASAP? Thank you!

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