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I had a mechanical today on my morning ride. Boo. I was doing pretty well for being so slovenly the last month or so. Right at about the mid point of my ride, I was riding the Redline Mono 9, my chain dropped. This occurred as I was screaming down a wicked downhill while riding rigid (which REALLY means I’m crawling along going barely faster than the guy hiking up the hill). This has only happened a couple of times over the past three months, so in my book, it’s no big deal.

Redline Mono 9
Redline Mono 9, pre-ride shot

Next up was a hill and as I started pedaling I noticed no resistance. A quick glance down and my suspicions were confirmed, the chain dropped. This time the chain had gone inside and gotten itself stuck in the gap between the crankset and the bottom bracket. I tried to pull it out without flipping the bike over, but to no avail. I proceeded to flip the bike over and tried gently prying the chain out again. But it was really stuck.

Right about now, a mountain biking gal came riding up the trail and yelled out “Need a tool?” But before I could even begin to conjure up my male pride and reply back to her “no thanks” she glanced over and without stopping said “Oh, I don’t know how to fix a chain. Sorry.” And off she went, all without stopping.

Uh, thanks?

So, I know that it was very nice of her to ask if I needed a tool and I appreciate it. But is it too much to ask you to be genuine when offer assistance? Maybe stop and check out if you can really help or at least wait for a reply? Am I asking for too much?

I passed her later.

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