Product Review: Chariot Carriers-Catch’em

I received the Chariot Catch’em about 8 months ago. My daughter Aleah, who was 5 at the time helped me test this trailer-bike out.

: around $250.00


Number of children 1
Weight capacity 38.5 kg / 85 lbs
Starting configuration Bicycle Trailer
Weight 8.2 kg / 18 lbs
Folded dimensions

104 x 56 x 38 cm / 41 x 22 x 15 in
Wheels 20� aluminum spoked
Axle Bolt-on


# For children approximately 5-8 years old, depending on their size and strength
# Lightweight, durable aluminum frame with no-tools folding mechanism
# No tools are required for folding
# Hitch connects easily with no tools required. Aluminum shims are included to accommodate various-sized seat posts. Hex key (not included) is required for initial assembly
# Lightweight and strong aluminum components: 20� rear black-anodized rim, seat post and 5.5 in child-length cranks
# 6-speed Shimano SIS shifter and derailleur
# Rear fender, front splash guard, and chain guard included
# Clip to hold Catch’em in folded position for storage
# Padded handlebar crossbar
# Safety flag and reflectors
# Eyelets to mount a rear luggage rack
# More stable ride for child than a bike bar extension (a devise that links a child’s bicycle to an adult’s)
# Shorter than bike bar extensions so turns are easier
# Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Catch’em is a definite must have for any cyclist out there. My daughter Aleah simply loves riding on this thing. Some of the best features for her are the gears. She has her own set of gears that she can shift through and with a little coaching, she seems to have figured out which gears works the best for cruising and for climbing.

When I first received the Catch’em it came in with a few different shims for my seat post, a flag, fenders, chain guard, suspension seat post and like I mentioned, gears, 6 speeds. This bike-trailer even folds in half for easy storing or transport. The majority of the time my daughter and I spent on this trailer was through the Fullerton Loop. We’ve ridden miles and miles on single track, fire roads and stuff that would definitely show the integrity of this product.

I’ve always been leery of placing my kids on products that I’m afraid would brake and eventually harm them. That’s why we stay away from Wal-mart bikes. One of my biggest concerns about the Catch’em was its quality. Sure it looked beefy enough to haul around my little girl, but would it stand up to the abuse.

Well I’m glad to say the Catch’em has been very reliable, the welds are strong, the mounting bracket never bent or warped under stress. The only problem that I had was that the derailleur needed to be tuned after a few rides. I figured that was probably caused by the cable stretching. The Catch’em does come with a limited lifetime warranty, so that means once Aleah is too old or too big for it, I can simply pass it on to my brother who has two little girls and one of them will soon be big enough to ride it.


Part of me worried that towing the Catch’em would be too heavy. Well in reality its not that chunky, its about 18lbs and with Aleah pedaling, the work involved riding it was pretty easy. The Catch’em does have a few features that I really liked. The chain guard protected her legs from grease and possibly getting caught, it also came with a suspension seat post. Though she is too light for it to actually feel a benefit now, but I know once she gets bigger, it will come in handy. The long orange safety flag is cool too. It breaks down into two pieces and is definitely an eye grabber for motorists.

However, what made this product so easy to use was the “no tools” set up. I have made the mounting bracket a permanent part of my bike and whenever Aleah and I want to go on a ride, I just attach the quick release and lock it into place. The Catch’em is missing braze-ons for water bottle mounts, I think that might have been a great addition, especially if you and your kids plan on riding a long distance.

Suspension seat post

If you want your youngin’ to get into bikes, then this might be a great way to introduce them to the sport. Now Aleah is always asking me to take her bike riding on it. She’s even at the point where she’s become my stoker on my Tandem bike. The Catch’em has proven to be safe, reliable and SUPER fun for both my daughter and I. Besides, its a great way to bond with your kids.

8 Replies to “Product Review: Chariot Carriers-Catch’em”

  1. Any problems with this leaning or twisting, causing your child to ride on an angle? THanks for your input! Tammy

  2. I was trying to see if the thing would twist like some other models that I’ve seen, and to be truthful, it does twist just a bit, but nothing where it would cause any type of concern.

  3. But your child doesn’t end up riding on an angle the whole time? Thx again for your input, Tam

  4. Does the Catch ’em pivot at the connect point on turns? It looks like it does in one of your photos but I haven’t seen that in cheapo models before. We love Chariot, we have two trailers but we received a cheapo trailer bike as a gift and are trying to decide if we’ll keep it.

  5. Where in the heck can I buy one of these. There is nothing on the net for pricing…

  6. Hi, I have one already too for my daughter of 8 year old, we appreciate a lot since 3 years, and we like very much… Now I’m looking to buy a another one for my son of 5 years old, but Charriot stoped to make thant kind ot trail bike and I don’t know why!!! , so if you know someone to sell it, would’you tell me…

    sorry about my english… tank you, Mike 418-592-7733 or

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