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I set out to Fontana, CA to support my good friend and riding buddy, Ryan. It was raining every other day this week but luckily we got a days break and the weather was perfect. As I look outside today(Sunday) it’s absolutely pouring. The downhill guys must have some interesting conditions to ride in today. Anyway, the race track looked packed and tacky from the rain. Perfect conditions for a cross country race and some great weather to boot.

As you pull into Southrdige park, 14-year-olds ride past on $4,000 bikes. Downhill is big  here. Here’s a Cannondale Scalpel(Carbon) out for it’s racing debut. Carbon Fox Lefty fork, Avid Juicy Carbon Ultimates…everything built for speed.

The race started at about 9:30 so we walked up the first of the three climbs to get into spectator mode. Everyone except, maybe, for the pros were heevin’ and ho-in after this climb. It’s the longest of the three.

There’s a lot of little side trails up top, so you can catch bits and pieces of the cross country race. Pros always go first, foot always on the gas.   

Aside from the occasional telephone pole I’d have thought myself deep in a mountain range…oh, and aside from factories, buildings and homes as far as the eyes could see.

It looks a lot more interesting this time of the year and actually, looked smooth and rolling compared to it’s usually sandy and rut filled self. Though I didn’t race so I can’t say too much.

Now, I wasn’t at the start but if there was anyone else In Pua’s class they got left in the dust on the first climb. Man she’s fast.

Since the start times are staggered you can walk down parts of the hill and catch different sections of the race. If you know where to go you can be at least a part-time, active spectator.

This course is smack in the middle of the city. As the riders descended I saw men in suits walking, below.

Ryan took first again, in his class, and is steadily edging out his competition in the series. During and after the race there’s usually a place you can get a bite to eat…if not at, then around the park.

As long as you’ve ridden the trails before, or at least hiked up to the top, you could easily invite a friend or family member to come up and support your friend or loved one. Hey hiking and yelling is good exercise too. Just remember to bring your walkin’ shoes and you’ll stay happy. Afterward there’s always a huge amount of bike candy provided for sale and display to keep your attention until the awards ceremony. They always have raffles and it’s always a great time.

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