Tuesday Brews Day: Humboldt Brewing, Hemp Ale

….errr…on a Wednesday. But beer on a Wednesday is just as good as it is on Tuesday so…..to the Brewsmobile! Que the hokey Batman music.

Today we’re looking at an interesting and different brew from Humbodlt Brewing Company.  This brewery is out of nowhere but good old Humbodlt, CA. Lots of breweries have taken a stab at this “novelty” brew, so let us look at how this one panned out.

This beer is dark like a black tea and smells of roasted malts. Nothing new there. The taste of it is really very puzzling and unique though. Hemp seeds are used during the brewing process and give the beer it’s earthy, grainy taste. It’s a very light and somewhat watery beer despite it’s dark color. There’s a subtle and sweet overtone throughout the drink and just a small amount of carbonation.
No, this beer doesn’t have any THC and no you can’t turn the bottle into a pair of sandals(sorry hippies). But it’s a good drink nonetheless. If you find this, or any other hemp ale, go ahead and try it. Just make sure you you have your hand over the labels or mommy might confiscate the goods.

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  1. Lance, That is my favorite beer!! Along with another from the humboldt
    company called “Red Nectar” If you like the taste of the Henp then you will also enjoy the flavor of the Red Nectar. Save one for me I’ll be over tonight!!

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