Thursday Tech Tip: Going tubless without going broke

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If you had the money you can easily convert over to a tubeless tire and wheel system with UST wheels and tires or you can use Stan’s. But if you’re p’oh and broke like me, you can do the following for about $10….

*Disclaimer, do this at your own risk.

RL Policar

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Tech Tip: Going tubless without going broke

  1. How well and how long did/will/should this last? Any noticeable
    difference in weight/handling?

  2. The handling greatly improved. I didn’t bother weighing it since I’m not too concerned about it. The tire handles like a champ.

    But to be honest with you, I’m going to redo my tires because I wasn’t satisfied with the Flat Free. I’m working on using another product that is suited for this application.

    I forgot to include in the video was a short clip of me going down some stairs after the bike was set up.

  3. Ive heard of people using packing type tape as the “sealing” rim strip. would Stan’s sealant work? you can buy just the juice. I know some 29’er riders that have done this with pretty good success they just need to make sure you use a tire that doesn’t bleed air like some do out of the sidewalls. the other thing about using regular tires vs UST or “tubless ready” is that the sidewalls are thinner and the first hint of a rub through and your done.

  4. Wow! Blazing hot and sexy voice to boot… your a lucky man R.L. I must say I was disapointed with the lack of video with her report though.

  5. I did this today but instead of cutting the extra off before putting on the tire I left it on. After blowing up the tire I cut of the extra with a box cutter. Just makes for a better seal and you have less problems with the tire “burping” the air out and loosing pressure.

  6. you don’t understand. As a kid I listened to Vin Scully every night after my parents told me to turn off the Dodger game. His voice is very soothing especially since I don’t hear it enough anymore since joining the ARMY.

  7. lol. Oh ok Vic. I’ll take that as a compliment then! Thanks! Where u stationed? I have one brother in law who is over seas and Randy (other brother in law) is in Arizona now.

  8. This sounds interesting. I went tubeless 3 years ago (stan’s). But about once a year you pull the valve stem loose from the strip. Since we have such a limited selection here in the Texas Panhandle, you usually wind up having to buy a whole new kit. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Ft. Hood, TX. If you guys ever come this way, which you should because the riding is awesome, look me up. I am originally from southern Cal. but that was 14 years ago.

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