First Impressions: Sette ST-7 DLX Workstand w/Tray and Tote bag.


The cool people at Pricepoint sent us the Sette ST-7 workstand for review. As a wrench-at-home guy and a part-time racer I have been given the task to put this product to the test.  The following are my first impressions of the stand.  Off the bat when I opened the box, I noticed how compact it was folded – 38?.  This is a plus for storage and when transporting during races.  Also included were a heavy duty bag and a tool tray – another plus!  The bag is made out of nylon with carrying straps and pockets on the outside.  The tray has several compartments for miscellaneous parts and slots for various tools.  This can be mounted directly onto the stand.  All this for just $114.98.   

As I opened the stand to its full size, I noticed that tubes were constructed of steel frame.  This is perfect for strength and durability as consumers will have a variety of bikes which differ in weight.  The stand is fully adjustable in height; the tallest setting at 59?.  This will be great for the short and tall folks. 

The locking clamp is padded and can be rotated 360° (which again will accommodate a variety of bikes/frames) and can also position the bike at different angles.  It utilizes QR (quick releases) locking mechanism at three major areas on the stand – unfolding, height adjustment and the head.   

So far I’ve only mounted two bikes on the ST-7.  One is 27 lbs and the other is a 35 lbs All-Mtn bike.  Thus far it has remained sturdy with no issues.  There was one instance where the 35 pounder caused the main tube of the stand to slip to a lower height.  Apparently the QR clamp for height adjustment wasn’t tight enough.  Once I re-tightened the QR, I haven’t had any issues. 

The stand will be put a lot of use in the next few moths.  I frequently work on my bikes at home and attend races.  I’ve yet to mount my 40 lbs DH bike on it.  Stay tuned for a full review on the Sette ST-7 DLX Foldable Workstand.  In the mean time for more information here is the link to the site.

7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sette ST-7 DLX Workstand w/Tray and Tote bag.

  1. NICE! I need a work stand that I can take to races and stuff with me and this is a good price too. Let me know how you like it.

  2. I have this same workstand.. Jay, I think you would like it, well see you at another race soon.

  3. This review,especially with the photo’s,helped me decide on the workstand for me. Thank you very much.

  4. Has anyone used this for a DH bike? I’m just a little worried about using something so heavey on this stand…. but I do like the price.

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