Update #1 – Rigid Single Speed project

Hey folks, this is an update on my rigid singlespeed project.  I started this in beginning of November.  Since then, I’ve received a significant piece for the build.  From SASO, is a rigid Carbon fork.  The fork has carbon fiber legs/stanchions as well as a carbon steerer tube.  The unit weighs in at 1.64 lbs – WOW!  Unfortunately I didn’t weigh it when I first received it… (1.64lbs includes the Race Crown and uncut steerer tube).

IMG_9667 copy by you.

Here are the specs from SASO:

* Steerer:Carbon fiber
* 26″MTB
* Carbon fiber tube stanchion
* Forged AL6061 dropout/crown
* Weight:700 gm
* Disc brake mount only
* Drop/head:445 mm

IMG_9666 copy by you.

Also added / installed are:

Race Face crankset with ISIS BB.

Maxxis Larsen TTs 2.1(f)/1.9(r) on Sun Ringle Singletrack rims laced onto XT hubs.

–SASO carbon quick release skewers.  Check these bad boys out… titanium axles!

Specs from SASO:

QRC13 Quick Release
Carbon quick release
Titanium axle
R:38 gm, F:31 gm

IMG_9643 copy by you.

SSK-3 (singlespeed kit) from Wheels Mfg

SSK-3 comes with 9mm chain guides, 6 3mm spacers, 3 shims, 1 16T cog and 1 lockring.  I think for the now the 16T maybe too much for me.  I will certainly give it a try but most likely step down for now.

IMG_9066 copy by you.

Project Build specs so far:

Frame:                  ZION EBB
Fork:                     SASO Carbon fork
Skewers:               SASO Carbon levers
Single speed cog:    16t Wheels Mfg SSK3
Wheelset:              Sun Ringle laced to XT hubs
Crankset:               Race Face Deus, silver
BB:                       Race Face ISIS spline
Tires:                    Maxxis Larsen TTs 2.1(f)/1.9(r)
Headset:                Woodman Axis SL COMP
Tubes:                   various brands
Spacers:                Carbon

IMG_9663 copy by you.

Current weight: 18.65 lbs.  The build is more than 50% complete.  At this point I’m debating on which bars/stem combo to use.  Also in the picture you’ll see 7” rotor that will come off.  I’m in the hunt for a new brake set with 6” rotors.   

I can’t wait to finish this bike!  Check back in a few weeks…

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  1. That SASO fork is the very same as the Carbon Cycles eXotic carbon fork from your other review, except it’s a 26er instead of 29er, and the aluminum bits are polished instead of black. I have the 26″ version of the eXotic and I’ve loved it all this season.

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