WOOdman Components – Carbon Seatpost and Bottle cage

This month we are featuring two new products from WOOdman Components. They are the CARBO SL Plus Ti Seatpost and CARBO CAGE COMP.  I’ve been testing these two products since late last year.  I’ve ridden them through numerous miles of SoCal’s trails and the rigorous demands of XC and Super D races.  I’ve swapped them out on several bikes and have yet to encounter any issues.  Thus far I have no complaints as it has held up to our standards.


CARBO SL Plus Ti Seatpost :

IMG1803 by you.


IMG9075 by you.                              Close-up of adjustable head.



o      micro adjustable  

o      zero offset

o      320 /400 mm (road/mtn)

o      27.2 /31.6 diameters

o      Carbon tube

o      Ti screws

o      170g(31.6/400mm)


POSITIVES: It’s light and has good looking graphics. Excellent craftsmanship and appears to be strong.  To date there are no cracks or scratches after many miles of use.  The mounting of my saddle was easy and there are infinite adjustments.  It has held up well where there is no slipping from the rails. 





IMG9091 by you.


o      Feather light carbon fiber

o      composite base

o      the best bottle retention and easy insertion

o      Comes with Alloy 7075 T6 screws.

o      32g 


POSITIVES: Through various trails and races, whenever I used a bottle it has never fallen or popped out.  The Carbon Bottle cage held the bottle tight and in its place. 



IMG1804 by you.

IMG9117 by you.                 CARBO seatpost and H2O CAGE used at Mt. SAC race.


If you are looking to shave some weight and have reliable components, don’t look past WOOdman’s carbon line of products.  They are race proven, rider approved…


For more information, visit www.woodmancomponents.com.

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