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Yesterday morning I decided to go on a “relaxed vibe” ride.  Being that my industry was also affected by the economy, I have some time on my hands.


I headed out to the ever so popular Fullerton Loop.  Accompanying me was my 1.5 yr old son, Jake.  The only time I’ve pulled him on the trailer was on city streets by our house; I’ve never taken him through any trails.  This ride will be a challenge.  Although we will be going on a slow pace, I’ll still have to climb with the trailer.  Also I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as his mood (cause small kids can change at a drop of a dime).  🙂


IMG2237 by you.


Cruising through the Loop, I opted to skip the singletracks and the technical sections for the obvious reasons.  I stayed on the flat roads.  Along the way I made several stops to let Jake out and get acquainted with the surroundings.  I also stopped to make sure he was situated correctly on the trailer.  Our last stop was at Laguna Lake to watch the ducks. 

IMG2243 by you.


My riding partner was great!  He actually enjoyed being outdoors and didn’t make a fuss.  I wasn’t looking to go for a long ride however we managed to ride just shy of 8 miles… not bad.


IMG2247 by you.


Yesterday was totally relaxing.  The ride reminded me of my first rides here.  I made so many stops that I felt like a “newbie”.   I agree that we’ll have to plan “relax vibe” ride soon, without the pressures of training. 

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