Ride Report: Fullerton Loop

Saturday morning, the MtnBikeRiders crew were all spread out riding various trails. Jeremy was at Marshall Canyon, Lance as you’ve already seen was at Turnbull Canyon and the rest of us stayed local and hit up the Fullerton Loop.

Khoa, Moe, Priscilla, and I met up with one of my buddies, Joe, who is is wanting to try out mountain biking. Moe was very accomodating by providing Joe the Trek Remedy to use for his first adventure.

Here we are at our first of many rest stops.
RL, Priscilla, Joe, Moe and Khoa.

At another rest stop, which is basically the half way point.

The trail has a few of these signs that say “Bicycles watch downhill speed.” Posing next to those signs makes for a perfect Kodak moment…

On one of the extra credit portions of the trail, Priscilla, Joe and Khoa decided to tackle a pretty steep climb with a nice pay off on the back end. I ran over to where they would be coming down and got some action shots.
Fullerton Loop

From what I understand, this was Joe’s first mountain bike experience. But to be honest with you, he didn’t ride like it was his first time. The dude has some handling skills and pretty much climbed everything we hit.
fullerton Loop

Here’s Khoa after taking a massive jump and doing a back flip in mid air…too bad my camera didn’t catch it…

We had a great time out there. As always we just tried to enjoy as much of the trail as we could.

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