XXC – Epic, Adventure, Solo

A new bike web magazine by blogger Jason Mahokey. This “web-zine” caters to the long distance mountain biking crowd. The first issue was just published. Check it out here.

It’s a very XC race oriented bike magazine with multiple ride reports. There is also a pictorial preview of a future 300+ mile Iowa “gravel” bike ride: think flat, back country, midwest, unpaved roads with not much on the horizon… any horizon. I haven’t done it and for some odd reason it doesn’t interest me at all. Vision Quest, a Southern California mainstay, gets two stories in the mag. One of the stories I’ve read on someone else’s blog… maybe I spend too much time on the internet.

Expect great pictures, stories on suffering and finally breaking through, and a few grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors. Good stuff for a first issue. Looking forward to more.

For more info on XXC, click here.

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  1. Cool mag. Subject matter is actually stuff I do You rarely see any kind of mountain bike endurance content in a mainstream magazine though, as it’s not exciting enough to capture advertiser interest.

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