Greetings from Mammoth!!!

We arrived at Mammoth @7:45am just before the cut off for Priscila’ sXC Race (more posts to follow). We spent most of the day hitting the mountian for our practice runs. Joe and I took a break and decided to pose for the fans that wanted pics of us.

mtnbikeriders mammoth

“That way to the mountain” mammoth

This weekened The Moe was as elusive as Big Foot. We saw him once before practice, and hooked up with him while sessioning a rock garden. But after that, we couldn’t find him…so we got out our Official Bull Horn to try and locate him. No such luck.

Perhaps I’ll leave some beer in the forest and hide behind a tree. I’m sure The Moe will catch a wiff of it and come out to quench its thirst.

By the way, Kim and Priscilla did really well! Way to represent! race team member Kim Finch and Priscilla Policar

Before I go to race this morning. I want to give a shout out to the Romanian Thunder, Gabe. You the Man! Keep Riding!

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  1. Haha, looks like a lot of fun, I’m doing my best here, I went for a ride on Sat, I’ll go for another one today too (I know it’s late, I had some BBQ and some BEER last night, sorry, hard to wake up!) but it’s cooler now and it’s OK

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