Shop Night

Once in a while I’ll host a shop night in my garage. The norms of this shop night ranges from Jeremy to Moe. But this was the first night that David “El Guapo” Sanderson graced us with his presence. Since this was a momentous occasion, I took some pictures.

I was having problems with Priscilla’s Avid brakes. The rear caliper has having problems retracting the inside piston. So I asked El Guapo to bleed them and see if he could work his magic. Moe also joined us this evening. He brought over the much anticipated Sette Vexx. Let me tell you, this bike is legit man!

Here’s Moe using the Ice Toolz Essence Tool Kit (the official tools of the Race Team). The face he is making basically describes what he thinks of the Ice Toolz…”BAD ASSERY at its Finest!”

Here’s David giving Moe a hand with the bottom bracket install.

We took a short video explaining what all is included with the Ice Toolz Essence Kit.

Here’s Moe installing his bottom bracket. Video narrated by El Guapo.

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