How to: Homemade Bike Wash

Need to make your own bike wash? It’s simple…Simple Green! Here’s what I did. I take a spray bottle, fill half of it with tap water and the other half with Simple Green.

Spray it on your bike, let it sit for a few seconds, then wipe away clean! The diluted Simple Green gets all sudsy and cleans up the bike nicely.
Here’s my dirty rear wheel.

Spray it all over the place.

Wipe clean. See the difference.

Works great on the frame.


4 Replies to “How to: Homemade Bike Wash”

  1. You can use a lot less simple green when I wash my muddy bikes. What I do is lightly spray my bike with water/simple green (5/1 ratio) Wait 5 min and then rinse with a lite spray of water and watch the dirt rinse away. Great stuff that simple green

  2. Simple Green is so simple to use. It cuts everything from grease to to barnacles on the hulls of vessels.

    I use it on everything even my scissors!

  3. Careful using Simple Green on the entire bike. It’s also a powerful degreaser and can strip away grease where it’s needed (lesson learned the hard way). Dish soap and some soft brushes are less harsh. Daisycutter’s suggestion also seems reasonable.

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